Eight Clicking Ways to Ensure The Secure Relationship; Just Try Them

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10 thoughts on “Eight Clicking Ways to Ensure The Secure Relationship; Just Try Them”

  1. I would say my husband and I have a secure relationship. We fight like normal couples but know at the end of the day we love each other.

  2. There is no one kind of perfect relationship. What works for one couple won’t work for another, yet that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect. Communication and effort are very important.

  3. I love this, so very true – it can be so hard to leave the past behind and not bring it with you especially when it comes to bad things, but expecting the same from your current love isn’t good. x

  4. I agree that open communication is key to a secure relationship. Being open with your partner leads to issues bring resolved and trust – couldn’t be more important. Great post!

  5. Love it! Especially the social media advice. My hubby and I area married for 26 years and NOW we have issues about being disconnected because of social media. I am a blogger so I spend a lot of time online, but I feel like it is working, not fun. We have been working it out and have come to an agreement…but it was weird after all these years to deal with online messes and oversharing!

  6. awesome tips. i had to learn the hard way about communication. a relationship will def fail without it.

  7. Thanks for sharing those great ideas. Communication and constantly working on your relationship no matter how long you’ve been together never goes out of style.

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