Honesty Can Strengthen a Relationship

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9 thoughts on “Honesty Can Strengthen a Relationship”

  1. I’m not convinced. As a guy, I know there are definitely times when little while lies are MUCH better!

    1. You know, one of my Twitter friends made the same erference. That as a guy he does feel some white lies are acceptable. I get it. Totally. I just think that white lies meant to withhold something that could come out later, may not be such a good idea. A little white lie like the dress looks great, when it indeed makes her look large? Well that’s no harm no foul 🙂

  2. Honesty builds trust and security. It’s really important in a relationship and it’s something that should be valued. I really like this post, it makes so much sense!

  3. Honesty is always the best policy–unless you will hurt the other person with that honesty-then perhaps a little white lie is in order!

  4. Honesty does a wonderful thing! I can’t handle dishonest people in any situation, especially for a relationship!

  5. Honesty is the most important thing to me in a relationship.Without it I know I can not be with that person bc if I cant trust there is nothing I can build on.

  6. You are right! It’s really important for the relationship that you can totally trust your partner. A tiny white lie once in a while doesn’t do much damage either.

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