Relationships – No Longer in Love

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6 thoughts on “Relationships – No Longer in Love”

  1. I don’t see many people falling in love and staying in love for the long haul. It’s alarming to be a part of that statistic, I never thought I would be. But, life goes on. Kick off the dust and keep moving forward.

  2. I appreciate that your post isn’t full of negativity. Sometimes people just fall out of love without there being some horrific falling out.

  3. I think love and in love are two different things. They change over time as we grow and change.

  4. communication is key to a relationship that grows over time. While love changes throughout the course of a relationship, it doesn’t have to mean the end of things if you keep trying to connect with each other.

  5. I think this is an excellent post. I love that you addressed your points in a way that’s constructive for anyone who might need to read it.

  6. After surviving a bad divorce I know how hard marriage can be. I’m happy to say that now my marriage is with my very best friend which I believe to be the foundation of a strong marriage.

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