Interesting Ideas for Raising Money


A smart collection of fundraising ideas is hard to come across despite how important it is for success. Here are some great ideas on how to raise extra money for your needs: Bake sale This might be one of the oldest ways to raise money, but it works when done right. Its simplicity has helped it to stand the test of time. The following suggestions will come in handy when planning a bake sale: Do not generalize – the easiest way to fail is by organizing an ordinary bake sale. Instead, you should specialize in one product and find a […]

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Family Friday Pizza Challenge

How to host a Family Friday Pizza Challenge

Every Friday in our household we host a Family Friday event. In the past this was setup with a slumber party after pizza for dinner, movies and just fun with the kids. Now that we have moved into a new rental home I have declared the slumber party in living room is not happening, however, all of our other activities will commence as usual on Family Friday. This past Friday I had an idea, doing something that still incorporated our pizza dinner but with a twist. You see, my trio had been talking about various challenges they see on YouTube […]

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This Relationship Rocks For Me


There’s often times where I would tell my man that he’s the best. He would usually reply, “I am just me.” I get it, he is just being himself, but who he is makes him the best for me. The relationship I have is amazing, strong, fun, interesting and full of love. I wrote the other day about my frustrations, because I am human and I am allowed to have human emotions. There are times frustration gets high, that happens in any area of life. The thing is: I am not actually frustrated with my man at all. It’s funny, […]

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How to Spot a Shady Flea Market Vendor


Flea markets are a great place to find great bargains on vintage or otherwise handcrafted items. You might have to search through bins and piles of unorganized product, but the chance of making a big score always exists. However, not all flea markets are created equal – the chance to be taken advantage of by a shady vendor also exists. Luckily, there are a couple of common red flags that more than not indicate a shady flea market vendor. Check out the red flags below. “You Can’t Find Better Prices” Most people don’t know the true value of what they’re […]

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When Times get Frustrating: How to Handle Frustration

The frustration of lonely nights and taking care of everyone can totally get to a person. That’s the life I am living right now. My man got hurt, badly hurt and he absolutely needs to take care of his wound. He must elevate the ankle that is broken and needs surgery so that he can move forward on the path of recovery. With that being said, he is couch ridden because getting upstairs to our bedroom really isn’t ideal after heading in for surgery yesterday only to find out his swollen ankle and other health concerns made it impossible for […]

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Some Battles are Not Worth the Fight

Parenthood - Knowing What Battles to Fight

Raising autism is difficult, what the heck am I saying, raising children is difficult. It doesn’t matter what special needs they have. Parenthood is tough stuff y’all. Today I wanted to chat a bit about how I go about picking what battles to fight and which ones to leave alone for a life lesson to be taught. How I Learn to Pick Parental Battles Is it Life Threatening – when a child isn’t listening, my first thought is whether or not obeying will cause any life threatening issues? As a parent your main job is to keep your children safe. […]

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August Went Out with a Bang

Happily Blended August Updates

Come July I found out that the rental place I had rented was going into foreclosure, I had been told that the bank had something going on and while the owner had said if the bank was able to work something out they would let me extend the lease. The bank couldn’t work anything out. Foreclosure auction it was. This happened towards end of July. August arrived and my boyfriend spent a lot of time making calls and trying to figure out what was going on, who we would talk to for options so that we could prepare for what […]

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4 Day Countdown To One Year Anniversary – Communication

Making Memories Countdown to One Year Anniversary Brandy & Mike

The learning how to communicate for the first time with someone who isn’t backing out, who is in this for the long haul has probably been one of the most difficult parts of our relationship for me. You see, I can talk your ear off, I am great at rambling but when it comes to having an actual conversation that could seem to be a confrontational topic I either shutdown or get defensive. It’s just how I have always been with certain topics. When it comes to a relationship, I am Mom and I am me, it’s been so many […]

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5 Day Countdown – To One Year Anniversary

About Brandy Ellen

This coming Saturday will be our one year anniversary and boy it seems like portions flew by while other days went by slowly. We have had ups and we have had downs. There are many things about this relationship that were new for both of us. For starters, I never had much luck trying to date someone who didn’t have their own kids in the past. It just wasn’t something I had felt like venturing into again. I also ended up not having such luck dating someone with kids. To be fair, it seems I have had a blend of […]

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Sometimes You Have to Step Away From Family #siblings

Sometimes You Have to Step Away From Family

There’s a huge piece of me that believes you stick by family regardless of who they are, decisions they make and how they treat you. As time has gone on and I near the age of 35, have a great work from home business that I built from the ground up and three kids to think about, I have realized family isn’t what I always thought it was. There is something more to be said about having a family member who is constantly selfish and does nothing but drain you each time you are around them. I hate that I […]

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