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24 thoughts on “Why Date Night is Important for your Relationship”

  1. So very true that you need time with your spouse away from others to fully connect! I remember when we finally started doing date nights and conversation seemed awkward as we tried to NOT talk about the kids.

  2. A friend of mine is now enjoying an empty nest and reminds me all the time that the years with kids in the house are short. She’s glad she didn’t have her kids move out & then be a stranger to her spouse.

  3. It’s more romantic when date night happens. Everything seems so fun and good. you can talk about everything peacefully.

  4. We try to have regular date nights, usually once a week. It definitely helps us reconnect and feel closer to each other.

  5. I love the ideas of date night… it’s SO important! Maybe in the future, I’ll find someone and make sure we make this happen weekly! didn’t do this the first time around and it definitely didn’t help our situation.
    Great reminder!

  6. Have a date night or really a date day once a week. My husband has Mondays off since my son is in school you take a vantage of that day and just sort of hang out together or sometimes go out to eat or to a movie.

  7. Yes to all of this. It is very important, and my I am way over over due for a nice date night with my husband. Way over due.

  8. Relationships are like cars, they require regular maintenance in order to keep going. Date nights are a huge part of that maintenance. Great post!

  9. These are some really good points. We tend to go out on Fridays but it’s usually just for dinner. I’d like to start seeing shows or something!

  10. We never go out for date night but we make a point of having a date night in once a week because it is so important, and we know that!

  11. That’s something my hubby and I need to work on. We never get out and never able to have a lone time and it’s long overdue.

  12. Time for the adults, no matter what you call it, is definitely important to relationship and family sanity. It’s so easy to let everyday life overwhelm you.

    1. I am so glad to hear you have a regular date night, it is certainly an important part of continuing to date your partner – thus a stronger relationship!

  13. I totally agree with this! Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is really important. Date nights are a must.

    1. Oh gosh – yes a date night is a super must! 10 months is a long time, I totally get being caught up with a new baby, it happens but yes please go schedule a date night asap – you will thank me later 😉

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