Getting out of Debt with Help

I have debt, don’t we all? I assume there are some of my readers out there who have amazing credit and have always done well with budgeting, I am not one of those. I wish I was. I am beginning to be, however, I was not always. When I turned 18 years old credit card companies mailed me credit cards directly in the mail. Just call to activate they said. Literally the cards were ready to be activated in my name, without me ever calling nor applying for them. That doesn’t happen these days it seems, but it did happen to me back then at least 3 times, if not 4 times. Interesting, huh?


Well most people would probably cut that card right up and toss it, I felt the need to max it out on clothing as one was for a clothing store and junk such as snacks and gas for the car. I was 18, a high school graduate and totally not thinking clearly, obviously. A few years later I still had not paid off those credit cards, they lingered making my credit not so great for a while until I finally found out about Debt Consolidation Options. There are so many ways to work out debt and get it paid off, thus creating a better credit standing on your credit report.

I chose to go with debt consolidation and paid off all three or four credit cards within just a few years after having them maxed out and being put on my credit report as delinquent.  I did the debt consolidation process with a company that actually spoke to each credit card company on my behalf and worked out a deal to help alleviate this debt while helping it be reported to my credit report as being paid on as agreed or something like that.

If you find yourself in debt for any reasons, I would highly recommend doing what I did way back when; research your options and work with debt consolidation specialists that can help work with you through this process without you getting into any agreements to pay off debt that you may not understand.

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  1. This is a good post, Brandy, and it was nice of you to post it for those stressing over bad financial decisions they may have made in the past that need clearing up today.

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