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7 thoughts on “Time For a Second Kindle Fire?”

  1. I am on my second defective kindle fire. I am about to call the company and return it. It doesn’t take a charge. I was looking at the kindle fire HD, and see there is a problem with it overheating.

    Okay, I just called, and they won’t replace the second one yet. They said to try a new cord to charge it (which they did provide and will ship me). Of course, it didn’t do what it usually does, while I was talking to her on the phone. Ugg. I can’t believe the problems I am having with it.

    1. Debbie – glad you mentioned this. I have had this happen with mine. I believe it’s due to the device not coming with it’s own charger. I noticed that one of my three available home chargers work better for my Kindle Fire than others. I did notice you can purchase a charger for Kindle Fire on which I may do. In case you are curious, the chargers are listed here on Amazon and seem to be about $20… hope the support system is able to help you with the one they send you though!

      1. They both came with the chargers. (If you order the 159 dollar kindle- they don’t come with one, mine was 199 and did). They are really nice and did offer me the new charger for free. But, the question is, why didn’t the three week old kindle come with that charger?
        I don’t think it will solve the problem. but I wanted it on their record, that I am having problems with it. There is only a brief warrenty, and I am going to insist they replace it if I am still having problems.

    1. Right Rosey! There are so many kid friendly free apps! I put a prepaid credit card on mine, that has like $1 balance so that the kids can download free apps/games! It’s just a joy to have it, but wish I could have access to it more often to read my books!

    1. I had thought about iPad but it was expensive, now that they have the mini – I may have to research that for my second tablet. Have not seen price range for the mini yet though.

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