What Pets Are Off Limits for Your Family?

I went to a birthday party last weekend and the family happens to also run Rainforest Encounters where they visit schools and various areas around the state educating people and children about the awesome animals like tortoises, bearded dragons, snakes and spiders plus more I am sure I didn’t mention them all.

Every time I run into them at a school or library event I want to sneak off with their bearded dragon, this is my favorite type of pet to have and after researching found out it’s great for family with small kids. These are docile creatures and just fun to have around. The only thing I have to say is buy an adult because babies don’t always live long and they are expensive as heck to feed. I know from experience, ours just wasn’t going to last and we had to re-home him long ago.

While at this birthday party and the kids had guinea pigs outside, a dog hooked up and they were looking all happy mingling with the animals, I got to thinking … what types of pets are off limits to me? Like, what type of pets would I absolutely never allow my children to have in my house?

For me it’s spiders, and constrictor snakes, that’s it I think. Maybe no hamsters because I had bad luck with cats eating mine back in my childhood years plus you can’t hold them so if you can’t hold them why are they called a pet?

Pets I do want someday? A Golden Retriever, a Black Pug, an adult bearded dragon, a Maine Coon cat preferably an orange colored one, and now I have some weird love of corn snakes ever since holding one at the library event over the Summer.

What pets are off limits to you? What pets do you want or have around your home?

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  1. We have had so many different pets it’s crazy. We used to owe a Corn Snake when T was very little, like two years old. We have also had a Bearded Dragon. Now we just have our Boxer, an African Sideneck Turtle and a Red Belly Toad. The kids love them. They are also easy pets to take care of.

  2. I grew up with dogs, and we currently have 3 cats. My daughter would LOVE fish, but I have no idea how to care for them. And any and all reptiles are off limits (even though my husband used to have a newt before we were married). I don’t do reptiles.

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