Interesting Ideas for Raising Money


A smart collection of fundraising ideas is hard to come across despite how important it is for success. Here are some great ideas on how to raise extra money for your needs: Bake sale This might be one of the oldest ways to raise money, but it works when done right. Its simplicity has helped it to stand the test of time. The following suggestions will come in handy when planning a bake sale: Do not generalize – the easiest way to fail is by organizing an ordinary bake sale. Instead, you should specialize in one product and find a […]

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3D Coin Art is Fantastic #3DCoinArt


I received this product for free along with compensation for my time. This review is my own opinions. When I received the email about this 3D Coin Art, I was ecstatic. I recall showing the email to Mike and saying this is super cool, we must have these. I most certainly just had to have this! What I never realized is that this 3D Coin Art American Flag is more cool in my hands than it is on the website. 3D Coin Art is going to make someone’s wish list this holiday season for sure. About 3D Coin Art This […]

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Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs Book Plus a Ukele? #GroovyJoe

Groovy Joe Prize Package Giveaway and a Ukele

“Scholastic sent me this title, and is also providing a prize pack for one winner from my site…” Meet Groovy Joe, a fun-lovin’, guitar-strummin’, doggy-ice-cream-eatin’ pup as he wrangles three hungry dinosaurs and soon has them singing, grooving, and sharing!  Groovy Joe was living the dream. He had a spoon and tub of doggy ice cream. And he started to sing: Love my doggy ice cream! Love my doggy ice cream! Eric Litwin, author of the bestselling and beloved Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, and bestselling artist Tom Lichtenheld, illustrator of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site, have created a captivating […]

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Nutritious Meal Solutions


Eating better is an important aspect of getting yourself into better health. While it might seem daunting, with so many diets and fads dominating the public sphere, it does not have to be as complicated as all that. If you are looking to make a change in your lifestyle, you are going to want to focus on small steps at first. Looking towards simple, manageable solutions for your meals can help you to achieve greatness in regards to your well-being. To get you motivated, here are a few easy points that you can focus on in order to make a […]

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Roto-Rooter Clog 101 – Easily Remove Clogs

Roto-Rooter Clog 101

I am sharing my last Roto-Rooter Brand Ambassador blog post. I have received both product and compensation as part of this program. All opinions are my own. Today I wanted to take a moment to discuss raising boys.  They have a mind of their own that I am having a hard time grasping. You see, one son is obsessed with poop. Seriously anything to do with poop amuses him, farting and bathroom humor jokes are his thing. My other son is a bit more quiet about things but certainly has what I would consider to be more on the side […]

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Super Wubble Bubble Giveaway #SuperWubble #ad

Super Wubble Bubble Review #SuperWubble

I received this product for free as well as compensation for my time to provide an unbiased review of Super Wubble Bubble. All opinions are my own. The Super Wubble Bubble arrived and my kids were ready! The teen and I went outside to try to blow this toy up so that we could surprise her brothers with an after dinner play time. Then it happened, the air wouldn’t fill up the Super Wubble Bubble. Was this a defected device? Was the Super Wubble Bubble junk? No. It was none of the above. We had to find batteries located all […]

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Family Friday Pizza Challenge

How to host a Family Friday Pizza Challenge

Every Friday in our household we host a Family Friday event. In the past this was setup with a slumber party after pizza for dinner, movies and just fun with the kids. Now that we have moved into a new rental home I have declared the slumber party in living room is not happening, however, all of our other activities will commence as usual on Family Friday. This past Friday I had an idea, doing something that still incorporated our pizza dinner but with a twist. You see, my trio had been talking about various challenges they see on YouTube […]

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This Relationship Rocks For Me


There’s often times where I would tell my man that he’s the best. He would usually reply, “I am just me.” I get it, he is just being himself, but who he is makes him the best for me. The relationship I have is amazing, strong, fun, interesting and full of love. I wrote the other day about my frustrations, because I am human and I am allowed to have human emotions. There are times frustration gets high, that happens in any area of life. The thing is: I am not actually frustrated with my man at all. It’s funny, […]

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How to Spot a Shady Flea Market Vendor


Flea markets are a great place to find great bargains on vintage or otherwise handcrafted items. You might have to search through bins and piles of unorganized product, but the chance of making a big score always exists. However, not all flea markets are created equal – the chance to be taken advantage of by a shady vendor also exists. Luckily, there are a couple of common red flags that more than not indicate a shady flea market vendor. Check out the red flags below. “You Can’t Find Better Prices” Most people don’t know the true value of what they’re […]

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Tech Devices Every New Parent Must Own

Tech Devices Every New Parent Must Own

It’s tough being a раrеnt, nо mаttеr what century you live in. Pаrеntѕ have it hаrd, аnd whilе thеrе iѕ mоrе роtеntiаl scrutiny now than there wаѕ even 20 уеаrѕ ago, we do hаvе mоrе technological аdvаnсеѕ that mаkе our livеѕ a bit easier when dealing with the kidѕ than our parents did. If you are looking for ways to embrace new technology with being a new parent, here are some tech devices that every new parent must own: Pасifiеr Thermometer It’ѕ thе реrfесt аntidоtе tо tаking baby’s tеmреrаturе “the оld fashioned wау.” Bеѕidе the fact that the расifiеr thermometer […]

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