Planning a Wedding with This Guy

I am planning a wedding for the year 2015. We originally were thinking Spring/Summer of this year but not so sure we will make that deadline and figure we could possibly wait til 2015, what’s the hurry right? We have been together a year as of late December and by the time 2015 rolls around we will be nearing three years together, that would honestly be the longest engagement I have ever had. We shall see if we stick with 2015 or not, depends on how all of this wedding planning goes….

Planning a 2015 Wedding

I have no clue and he has no clue on how to plan a traditional wedding. We both want a semi-traditional wedding that is semi-formal. We have narrowed down some things about our wedding plans and they are:

  • Guests don’t have to dress up, they can wear whatever attire they feel most comfortable in. Yes, sure, if they want to wear their Pajama’s so be it, but remember pictures are being taken so if you want that memory, go for it!
  • We are leaning towards black and lilac for our wedding colors.
  • I will wear a traditional white wedding gown of some sort. 
  • We will not spend a lot of money creating a semi-traditional wedding.

So far that’s the gist of where we are at, but there isn’t a whole lot to discuss because we are so perfect for each other that each plan just bounces off the other so easily. We tossed some ideas around and both are pretty agreeable with most of what each other say. He wants to wear a tux with tails? Sure .. whatever works. He wants a top hat and cane? Well … I am still thinking about that idea.

This much is true; we want to have this wedding day be a day that celebrates and showcases us as individuals as well as a couple. Everything will simply fall into place …. because that’s how we roll.

National Stationery Week and Personalised Stationery

With National Stationery Week at the end of April, you’ve a couple of pay days to save up your pennies to go on a stationery spending spree, not to mention the perfect chance to celebrate the written word and all things stationery. Even Victoria Beckham was spotted stationery shopping. She headed to the Ryman shop in Kensington recently to stock up on goodies for her son, Romeo.

Some would say letter writing and writing by hand in a digital age is as dead as a dodo and is no longer important, but as all stationery buffs know, that isn’t entirely true.

For the past few years, the media has been drumming up a frenzy of worry and disbelief about the obvious death of handwriting – it’s as if it’s defunct, nonexistent and obsolete.

However, this isn’t the case. In actual fact, shiny new gadgets and technology has simply diverted us from the satisfaction and significance of writing, it hasn’t replaced it.

To get more people putting pen to paper and writing by hand more often, especially little ones, there is such a thing as personalised stationery, namely notebooks, address books, birthday and anniversary books, personalised stationery sets and much, much more – a new must-have where fashion meet function. The best bit is you get to customise your gift with a name and a message.

This April’s National Stationery Week aims to remind people not only about the physicality of holding a pen and languorously pouring out thought on paper, it’s about stopping what you’re doing, and taking the time to relish in writing.

That’s where personalised stationery comes in. Address books are becoming a phenomenon. As well as helping you stay organised and up-to-date, they can be customised with any name or message of your choice. What’s more, there are tons of gorgeous designs up for grabs.

Personalised stationary doesn’t stop there. Birthday and anniversary books are hugely popular and will help anyone keep on top of those important dates in style.

Writing, in whatever form it takes, is healing and helps thwart the hurry of modern life. It compels us to decelerate a little and concentrate on what we want to say. Whether you’re a birdwatcher, artist, gardener, teacher, author, or just someone who likes to make note of random stuff, personalised notebooks are great for the job. Not only will they help you record your favourite things in life, they make cracking personalised stationery gifts for just about anyone.

It’s clear there’s something special about personalised stationery – and it’s much more pleasurable to receive a handwritten note or letter from someone than a fleeting email or text, wouldn’t you agree?

Hop on over to and plump for personalised stationery and send a handwritten note to a friend or relative during National Stationery Week to show you care!

Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas You Can Do Yourself

I recall when I got married it was a simple wedding, no real decor or any sort of theme. A simple backyard wedding with close family and friends in attendance. The daughter was the flower girl and ring bearer because Aj was far too young to be the ring bearer. My father walked me down the “aisle” which was just the backyard grass … nothing special. It was simple and fine by me, however, some people spend years planning those perfect weddings.

For those who plan their wedding ceremony in advance and really put thought into having a theme of decor for not only the centerpieces, but for the guests required attire, I applaud you. I could never be that person, ever. Being that I am divorced, I can say that some day I may get married again, I would still never plan anything beyond a simple wedding. It is who I am as a person, however, with that being said, I wouldn’t mind creating my own cute centerpieces for the table guests sit at or the reception table where food is place.

Floating Candle

One of the ideas I had for a centerpiece that would look fabulous at any wedding would be a floating candle setup – I am amazed at the beauty of candles but a floating candle dish? That amazes me even more and you can create a beautiful floating candle centerpiece with little to no work and planning while still having it look simply breath taking. Whatever the budget you may be working within or the ideas you have for a themed, fully planned wedding – I can say this – remember that you can save money by doing a lot of things your own self and still have the most beautiful, memorable wedding ever.

I Rocked This Fresh Produce Dress at Sisters Wedding @freshproducenow

My sister was married on June 2nd and it was a rainy day so I showed up at my sisters wedding with this beautiful pink dress from Fresh Produce but had to wear a sweater over it most of the wedding due to the rainy, cold day. This was the perfect option of their casual outfits for my sisters casual wedding.

This is one of the pictures taken a couple of days after the wedding to share what the dress looked like as a whole. As you can see in the below picture, I had a black and white sweater over it due to the rainy cold day on June 2nd, but since then have worn this dress a few times casually for every day wear!

Now that the wedding event is over and I have a casual dress to wear every day when the Summer weather is slightly cool, I am on the lookout for beach dresses so that when we venture out to York Beach, ME for our traditional visit to the Atlantic Ocean with the kids I have a cute dress to wear when walking along the sands on the beach.

Another great clothing line that is perfect this Summer for someone like me who lives in a bathing suit almost daily with the kids is the beach cover-ups! My favorite pick is the Platinum Flip Flops Pockets O’Plenty Tank Dress that would work well right over my bathing suit this year! Love the idea of a dress having inset pockets, I usually have to find a place to hide my keys so I have two hands free to hold my two son’s hands while walking along the beach!

Fresh Produce is a company I had worked with previously on some Spring clothing lines and since then I have learned that they ship to 200 countries so that many places can take advantage of the comfortable and stylish selections offered at Fresh Produce!

Don’t forget to check out Fresh Produce Blog, their Twitter and Facebook streams as well to keep up to date with their latest news!

I received the dress pictured on me above for free. All opinions are based on my own personal style selections and that of my own 100%!

Here Comes the Bride ….

I am heading to watch my little sister (and only sibling) get married today. I have felt the tears all week long so hopefully they stay at bay but I must admit I have always been a sucker for a wedding day. Ever since I have become a Mom these weddings make me tear up quickly! My little sister, who by the way is taller than me and could really kick my butt, is marrying her boyfriend of three years today!

Miss Ki gets to be a flower girl and Aj has request to hold the rings. It will be a simple ceremony with close friends and family watching while my little sister weds this man who has become her love over the years. This couple has also recently been blessed with expecting twins. At 9 weeks along my sister found out that she is carrying not one, but two babies. A surprise to say the least!

I look forward to welcoming Al as my official brother in law, even though he has played that role for a few years now. I am happy my sister has found love and that no matter what they go through they seem to figure out how to come out on top together!

I love you my sis and love you too Al. Looking forward to the ceremony!

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