Medieval, Fantastical or Countrified: Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

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13 thoughts on “Medieval, Fantastical or Countrified: Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding”

  1. We got married in June but a winter wonderland wedding sounds amazing. The only theme we had was an X-Files cake topper (I made it) and we walked in to the X-Files theme. I was obsessed.

  2. As much as I like to my wedding I am definitely glad I’m past this point. My sister-in-law is an event planner she might be able to use a couple of these pointers.

  3. I love this! Our wedding was very traditional affair. Mainly because neither me husband nor I knew anything about planning.

  4. One of the most fun parts of a wedding is deciding on a theme. It can be pretty much anything and you can get away with it. LOL

  5. I kind of wish I would have made some kind of theme for my wedding. We just kind of winged it, but the theme weddings seem like they would be so much more fun!

  6. All of these are so nice! My husband and I just got married at the court house. We didn’t have a wedding at all. I do love all of these great ideas though!

  7. We got married in May 2003 and it was a traditional church wedding. If I could do it all over again I would love to go Medieval.

  8. It is so hard to pick a theme for your wedding. My friend had a Halloween themed wedding and it turned out fantastic.

  9. The theme for my wedding was a night under the stars.I think if I had to choose again it would be a beach vacation wedding with just close family.

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