Achieve Financial Freedom by Starting a Franchise

The role of the entrepreneur is pivotal to our local, regional, and national economies, especially in these challenging times when job creation is at a premium. Apart from the natural fondness that communities have for their mom-and-pop establishments, small business owners are extremely important because of their profound impact on the success of a community. Economic studies show that companies with no more than 500 employees are credited for half of the US gross domestic product (GDP), generate more than 60% of the total number of new jobs created since 1993, and employ 50% of the private sector workforce.

Part of the larger small business population is made up of franchised businesses. For the past few years, franchised small businesses have accounted for millions of jobs in both production distribution and business format franchises. To provide a better idea of the importance of starting a franchise, its employment is almost equal to the number of jobs in durable goods manufacturing. It also surpasses the total employment of various industries including wholesale trade, real estate, finance and insurance, information, and non-durable goods manufacturing among others. If we include indirect employment in the picture, the overall output produced by franchises amounts to over a trillion dollars.

Economic challenges of the franchisee

With many countries striving for economic recovery, the proliferation of entrepreneurs remains more important than ever according to businessnewsdaily. While there have been indications of economic growth, the rate of employment leaves much to be desired. Franchise businesses consider access to capital as a primary concern. Many of the recent difficulties faced by franchise owners include anything from recurring sales-related worries to credit struggles, which worsened because of the causes of this particular economic slump.

The global recession officially ended in mid-2009, but economic activity remains plagued by continued weakness and uncertainty, specifically in the labor industry. However, economists have grown more optimistic about economic progress because of the rising demand for goods and services and higher capital spending. That being said, franchise owners still have a number of challenges that they need to overcome. For instance, they have higher expectations about sales projections and hiring, but the reality is that economic activity is beneath the target. This newer optimism must still translate into actual employment and spending activity.

Getting started

The law mandates the need for franchisees to know everything about the Franchising Code of Conduct. This Code contains the contents of the franchise agreement, as well as the obligations and rights of the franchisor – take a look at There are more than 75 industries that utilize the franchise model and determining the most suitable one for you can be daunting if you do not know what questions to ask yourself.

First, a prospective franchisee must have a clear idea of what he or she plans to get out of having a business. The type of industry that one chooses must be in line with his or her interests and abilities, as well as the person’s personal routine. Naturally, the potential income and expenses should also be taken into consideration. If these guide points are not enough to lead you to the right direction, there are professionals like franchise consultants, lawyers, and development companies that can help you reach a decision on franchising.

Building Websites for Free

Content Disclosure
When I first started off in my venture of working from home, I knew I had to have a website. Working from the privacy of your home is fantastic but you have to be sure that you have all of the tools for maximum success, one of those tools would be a website. The fantastic news is that, and I found this out many moons ago, you can use a free website builder to get your website up and going!

I had little clue as to what website building entailed, basically I did take an advanced computers course in high school that allowed me to learn how to build/edit websites using Frontpage, but beyond that I was clueless. Being able to use a free website builder online helped me to get a website up quickly so I could make money faster. Basically, your website is a vital part of making money from your online ventures, but being able to build it on your own quickly saves money and time!

You will learn as time goes on that working from home means that you will have to dedicate more time, more energy and stay more focused than ever. There will be times where you learn how to do something by yourself because it will save you a crazy amount of money. Those who can build a website from the ground up, to include a nice design for your firm, earn a lot of money. I personally didn’t want to be giving out all of my hard earned profit and so I started to use free website builders and eventually taught myself some basic coding so that I can now edit a template to make my websites appeal for my audience and my eyes.

Think about a website as the first impression someone has of you and your business, you want that be a great first impression that makes them come back for more, right? Well then make sure that your website is selling that amazing first impression to your audience!

The Key to Successfully Working From Home

Working from home is becoming more popular these days, as families are faced with creative ways to earn income to put food on the table and pay for the bills required to live these days. While working from home can be an amazing adventure and quite lucrative at times, it requires some key components and a sense of motivation within your own self to fully rise to being a successful work from home parent.

Choose a Private Work Area

When I first starting working from home I had a corner area in the middle of the living room in my old house. This wasn’t very private, however, it became my starting place for working from home after my ex husband had quit his job. It proved to be a great place for beginning but now I do have a private home office just off of my bedroom and it provides me with a better focus during “work hours”.

If you have to choose an area that is near the main living quarters of your home, try to make it as private as possible and ensure the family realizes if you are sitting at that area on the computer that they respect it is your work time and to not interrupt unless necessary.

Lay Down Some Working Hours Ground Rules

This is the harder part of working from home, you see all too often work from home parents are juggling children and their work. You have to really set ground rules, expectations {of yourself and family}, and be sure that you are not ignoring your children in order to get some work done. If you must work while your children are unattended, then be sure they have a creative activity that they can do while you get some much needed work done or are having a movie time, or even nap time for a couple of hours to ensure you get dedicated work time while not neglecting the children.

Be sure to set a work hour time and shut down when that time is over with. Whatever work is left after that time can wait until your next “working hours” start.

Do not Answer Personal Phone Calls or Messages

Try to make sure anyone you would normally talk to isn’t going to be calling during “work hours” or better yet, shut that phone ringer right off. Do not look at texts, do not ramble on Facebook getting into some in depth random conversation during work hours. Shut down anything that is not work related if at all possible to ensure you are not dragging your personal life time into working hours.

This may take some practice, heck it has taken me four years to not answer that phone if my family calls during working hours, but it needs to be done.

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Choose Jobs and Tasks that you Can Handle

I get it, when you start working from home, it’s hard but then all of a sudden everyone and their brother want to hire you to do something for them. Be sure to not only take on jobs or tasks that you are qualified to handle but make sure you have the time available to complete these jobs and/or tasks for new clients. It’s easy to think you can do it all, but you are one person and a parent on top of it so do not take more than you can handle.

There will be a day and time when you can handle more, take baby steps so to avoid collapsing, you want to succeed not burn yourself out.

Love What you Do

Just have fun with it, working from home can be a very rewarding career both emotionally and financially as long as you set goals, stay dedicated and follow the few tips I listed here in this article. Working from home means you can do whatever you dream of doing; blogging, freelance writing, direct sales such as Avon and others, and even become a virtual assistant. Whatever you want to be, you can be, when you work from home. Dream big, reach for the stars and stay on path to ensure you have success working from home!

Why Do I Blog, What are My Goals?

Welcome to my first time participating in a blog hop with MomDot and other fabulous bloggers. This week we are talking about blog goals; why is it we started blogging in the first place and what are our goals?

Why Did I Start Blogging?

Back in December 2008 I had just had enough with direct sales, sure I was great at it, sure it was fun but I preferred to lead a team rather than sell random items to others. The problem was, this just wasn’t me any more. I knew there had to be more out there for me to do from home. That’s when I had a long conversation with my friend @mommadjane who introduced me to the idea of blogging and making money through your blog.

Of course eventually you could make money, you may not make any at first. I had plenty of time to invest and no extra money so I thought what’s the harm? Writing has always been my passion and if I could do that for work from home? I could potentially be a whole lot happier in life! So I jumped in and started a blogspot blog on Bloggers Free Blogging Platform, named it Writings of a WAHM and never looked back.

What Was My Goal With Blogging?

When I first started blogging I think my main goal was to make money and share who I am as a person. I knew as I grew into this positive mindset type of person, I would be able to influence others to look to the positive in life and be able to succeed at all they put their mind to. I knew I had/have a special way of thinking and if I could share this through my writing I could help others.

So basically blogging goals involved helping others and making money to support my children.

Have I Been Successful at Blogging?

I honestly feel I have been successful at blogging, the Writings of a WAHM blog is no longer active as that name, I purchased a domain and changed the name to Happily Blended. That is where my over 1K subscribers come to read about my day, the products I Love and enter a giveaway or two. My readership grows often but my past readers stay loyal.

I have been successful in blogging, yes indeed, but as with any occupation you always want to work towards more goals & being more successful. I am moving forward to change up this blog in a more positive way and in turn make more money with the readers that come to see what I have to say.

Tips for the Work at Home Professional

Since I am going to be at Type-A Parent Conference and of course have to plan that trip and such I decided now would be the time to bring up some of my really old blog posts. I am talking from 2008-2009 era, I hope you enjoy and if you were not a subscriber back then well you will get some new content topics to comment on! Happy Reading!

I have my own business, Brandy Ellen’s Business Solutions, that was registered as a DBA in March 2009. Although I have been providing most of the services I list on my website as a sub-contractor or independent contractor for well near three years, I wanted to take my services up a notch by creating a real business name. When I registered my business and started providing services I found I was charging different rates for different services and I was really quite honestly unorganized in the way of contracts, forms and fee schedules. This doesn’t mean I was unorganized with my clients, because I had everything I needed for them filed neatly in my binder and my home business sever, however, I was not organized in that I didn’t have a “rhythm” about how I was providing services, proposals and contracts to prospects and clients.

Since I had to learn the hard way on how to get organized and what should be done prior to supplying services I wanted to share some tips with you so that maybe you can start your business right!

Getting Started

So you have your own business, congratulations! Now this is what you should do first:

  • Sign up for a forum in your specialty. Use Google to search for a business forum that specializes in networking with other professionals in whatever service you provide.
  • Create all forms necessary for your business such as Contracts, Fee Schedules, late payment terms, acceptable payments, maybe even a press release.
  • Create a business folder on your computer or server so that you have a place to file all contracts and necessary forms listed above. This allows you to quickly find any form or contract you may need.

Get The Word Out

Start telling everyone you know about your business. Family, friends, co-workers, Internet friends and anyone else you may talk to on a day to day basis. Those are the people who will help you on a more personal level that may be able to vouch for your outgoing personality and professional nature. Add your business URL to everything – address labels, business cards, envelopes, letters to your child’s school, etc etc!


Now this is where I am currently at – Marketing. Although I have put the word out about my business in my current social groups such as Twitter, Facebook and Ning groups, you need to market to a wider audience. One piece of advice would be to use @jessicaknows 15 Days of Marketing. It’s fast, and it is FREE. I am currently reading this e-book and will post an update when I done reading it, but welcome your feedback as well.

Wishing you much success and luck in your business ventures.

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