Yes, This is my Child … Mister K

This child of mine, the youngest, is always up to something. Shown here, is my son after a ride home from his Grampa’s. Some how between stealing my pocket book to take all of my Trident gum and singing along to our favorite tunes on the radio for our twenty minute trip back home … he captured a pink highlighter. This highlighter is what he added to his already messy, chocolate ice cream face …

Baby of the Family Covers Face with Highlighter

Imagine my surprise when we pulled into the driveway to our house and I look to see him like this? I just couldn’t help but giggle and then, of course, ask to capture this moment with a picture. I love how he posed, so perfect for how he was caught with the highlighter on face.

During another visit to the farm, this child of mine, the one who lays in mud muddles and covers his face with mud. Every.Single.Time there is a mud puddle at his Grampa’s house, decided to make his mark on my Town and Country:

Mud Hand Print on Town & Country

Needless to say between the three kids, Mister K is the one who really likes to keep Mama on her toes. Good thing I have a sense of humor, you really need one to raise this child.

Always an adventure around here, what is something your child has done that just made you shake your head and giggle?

Celebrating Turning 11 Years Old, 11 Days After Birthday

This past weekend my daughter had her 11 year birthday celebration! Some family came and her friends came. There were snacks, music, fun and laughter – cake and ice cream and presents. Miss Ki got all dressed up in my skirt and an old shirt I had given her as she waited for guests to arrive…

Birthday Girl Attire

My little girl isn’t a little girl anymore … I can’t believe she is now 11 and that next year she will be in Junior High. Sigh.

Setting Bday Table up

After Miss Ki got all dressed up she proceeded to the backyard to ensure her birthday picnic table was all set up and ready for when guests arrived. My little touch to her decor was mints with smiley faces that said “smile .. be happy”. I just couldn’t resist and she rolled her eyes as she agreed those are totally “all Mom”.

Party Mints

Among the party guests were my sister and Miss Olivia, that sweet little baby was an amazingly happy little girl the whole time.

Baby Olivia and Mom

The party went really well, Miss Ki had two girlfriends and one boyfriend as her guests from school who all got along great.  There were so many fun presents; an easel, oil paints, craft kits to create new fun jewelry and toys, as well as a Monster High Doll from my Mom and much more.

Birthday Girl

It was a very eventful day, full of so many laughing, smiling and interacting. The only issue that came up was with my seven year old son who felt that sissy’s friend who was a boy wasn’t there to hang with her and her friends. This is because my seven year old son truly believes that boys are not friends with girls, he believes this to his heart and, well, that in turn created some issues that I tried hard to keep at bay.

Happy 11th Birthday Miss Ki, it was so nice to see you smile all day long and have a beautiful celebration!


Remembering a Wonderful Summer of So Many Changes

This Summer brought on changes for my family because we not only blended our family with the boyfriend and his children, but we moved to a new house. Having a lot of changes at once can be overwhelming for adults but especially for children of any age. That is why we worked hard to ensure this Summer was as fun as possible, and probably why we have more boxes still unpacked than I would like to admit. It was important to Lee and I to ensure our children blended together happily, while everything went really great at first, at the moment we have an issue with one of our children which may or may not be resolved with time and space as well as a listening ear. The summer though? The memories we made, while the times were great …. and I can only hope next Summer brings on less changes and more finances to get out to more places in the New England area.

sand castle

We built sand castles on our many trips to Sunapee State Beach. We went swimming out to the deep end of the Lake Sunapee while I watched the boyfriend cringe at first seeing his children so far out. I think after this Summer Lee has loosened up a bit when it comes to his children being out deeper than he originally was okay with. I wouldn’t ever put or let any of our children get in harms way on purpose, it was just something he had to let go with and he did, with time.

York Beach Maine

We all went on a day trip to York Beach, Maine where Lee’s kids had not been before. It was a nice treat for all while we splashed around and some swam in the Atlantic Ocean on that fine Summer day. We brought our lunches and snacks as well as drinks so it was literally just a day that cost us some gas, and with my new wheels it wasn’t that much in gas money spent. Memories were made, laughter was had. It was a wonderful time.

water balloon fight

We had a water fight in the backyard one day when there wasn’t much gas to go anywhere and I had a blast watching as the boys chased each other around smiling, without fighting for once. They had such a blast just laughing their butts off getting each other {and me} soaking wet in the process.

We had a lot of days just hopping into the van and heading to VT for a swim at my Dad’s house where we would spend hours and I got a lot of exercise in that pool this Summer. The pool days were by far close to my favorite days, it was so much fun to watch how confident our kids were in the water. I also enjoyed racing with the boys across the pool.

Ice cream

We always remembered to break for ice cream whenever the chance was there. While I am not a huge ice cream fan, the kids are and so is Lee so a nice, cold ice cream cone treat was always a messy yummy extra this Summer.

ant farm

We became the proud parents of an Ant Farm as we won this at the local library during the Summer Reading Program, and I believe our ants have finally passed away though. They stayed alive in this ant farm a lot longer than I thought they would.

Chili Home made

I started cooking from scratch using a $5 Dinner Mom cookbook as well as other recipes I found along the way. Above is the chili I made for the first time and it was well enjoyed. I love that the family is taking to my recipes because cooking from scratch is healthier, plus it allows for a lot of left overs, usually!

Baby Time

You can’t forget that I became an Auntie for the first time too, miss Olivia pictured above is seven months old there and currently. We were sure to get in as much ‘baby time’ as possibly this Summer in addition to our family fun times.

first loose tooth

And lost but certainly not least, my Aj lost his first tooth. The big tooth is already growing in as shown here, he has anther loose tooth to the right of this one with the adult tooth coming in behind it, so we will see if that comes out soon! The tooth fairy brought him $1 for his first tooth, he was so happy.

Of course, our families did a lot together as a blended unit of one this Summer, but I can’t even begin to share everything in pictures. We took hikes, we went swimming in various places, we played board games, video games and we simply spent the Summer getting the kids introduced and hoping to find a way to get the kids to understand “family is not just about blood”, while blood family is totally awesome, sometimes in life you are introduced to a new way of living; such as a blended family unit where no matter what you are welcomed as if each and every one of you grew up together. That is the type of family life Lee and I are trying to promote; the fact that when all people are here or away, this is part of their “real family” too. I look forward to seeing where this year leads us … altogether!

The Boys Birthday Party #birthdayparty #raisingboys

For the first time in their five and seven years of living, my sons had their first real birthday party ever this past weekend. Both boys were allowed to invite any friends they wanted and, of course, any that I could find a way to contact as this was Summer break from school. The boys were happy to have friends here for a party, and of course relatives as well. Some relatives I haven’t seen much of in the past, such as my cousin Troy and his girlfriend even arrived!

Boys Birthday Party

I had to rush to the store first thing in the morning, well when I woke up which was closer to 10am, for the ice cream, balloons and while out I decided that punching balloons just had to be at these boys birthday party, for sure! Dollar Tree is like one of the best stores to visit because every single thing in there is $1, okay some things are under $1 but nothing is above $1. A true dollar store. Two bags of punching balloons at $1 per 3 balloon pack were picked up and quickly blown up upon my arrival back home.

Punching Balloons

Wat-AAH! was the refreshment of choice for this party too, we had a cooler full of drinks for all to enjoy. I had to laugh about serving Wat-AAH! because it’s water, bottled water, well it’s more than just that, it’s Wat-AAH! and the guests had fun laughing at how my kids pronounce it all pirate-ish to their friends and the family. The boys were not impressed at first that all I had in the cooler of ice was bottled wat-aah! but it was all they drank and boy did they drink. It was a pretty hot day with sunshine shining down, so those kiddos needed to stay hydrated and they did.


The boys originally wanted me to have two cakes for them, but me not being a great cake maker went to purchase the cakes only to realize they were close to $15 each. Two cakes were not an option, not one bit. Thankfully my sons were able to fight until they agreed come to an agreement on one gold cake with a birthday greeting written on top from the bakery at Market Basket.

boys turn five and seven

The party was a super hit and I am so happy that the boys were able to celebrate their birthdays in a unique way this year; it started with each having one special day alone with their Dad and ended with this amazing party blast of a day!

Mama and her boys

I am now the proud Mom of two boys who are five and seven… boy how time flies!

The Day the Daughter Brought Home her Marionette

Do we say puppet after the word marionette or not? Either way, this is about the day my daughter brought home her marionette from her Dad’s home to show me it. The thing is named Emu and is totally freaky to me, but my daughter loves this thing, ahem, sorry, my daughter loves Emu.

Daughters marionette

On the day my daughter brought Emu home, it was a night that I didn’t have the boys but I had her. This meant mother/daughter time and we chose to go to a local ice cream place that we love to get ice cream cones at. Emu had to come too.


I will be honest with you all this thing freaks me out. It looks like it’s staring back and forth, all around, while it “walks” next to my daughter. So we took Emu to the ice cream shop only to find out that my daughter brought Emu so I could be in charge of holding it. I said no way.

I laughed when my daughter told me to hold Emu now. I was like no way am I holding this thing, it’s yours and you made the choice to bring it so I guess you can figure out how to deal with your little marionette. She promptly replied “It’s EMU”. Ah .. Emu. That’s right. So you can figure out how to take care of EMU then. Emu is not mine ;-)

Thankfully Emu belongs at her Dad’s house so by the time this post goes live I bet Emu shall have returned to his or her proper home.  And I will no longer be watching my back for a marionette puppet to come to life!

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