Held Back Temporarily but not Forever

So my son is on a new medication, combined with his old medication increased a bit. We shall see if these two work well together or not, in the meantime things have started to slow down with his mood swings and he has been more loving which is super fun to experience. Aj is not my lovey dovey kind of kid so when he is in this mindset I take full advantage as long as he can withhold himself from being all huggy when I am trying to cook over a hot stove or doing something like folding laundry and he makes me drop laundry every time he goes in for a hug or kiss.


Things are starting to feel a little more level around here for me, it could be that things on my own health personal end are resolved a bit at the moment which probably was creating more stress on me than I thought. Today is a new day and I awoke feeling a little crampy and not so awake at first but in moments with my two smiley boys talking away to me, I jumped out of bed ready to start the day.

My sons were busy playing around pretend Transformers after they quickly got dressed and brushed teeth for me.

The morning routine went so well today that I even had time to shower before dropping them to school, which is not normally something I end up with time to do.

I then went to the grocery store and pick up kielbasa because it’s buy one get one free and my Aj just loves his kielbasa for dinner. I plan to make a yummy meal tomorrow with chicken breast, baked potatoes and maybe some green beans.

So today I woke up feeling a bit more like ME again and I cannot even begin to explain how much of a relief off of my shoulders that is. Sure I have some emotional feelings going on with some stuff in my life, but I feel as if I am better knowing what’s what and don’t feel held back. The held back, stressed out feelings were what was keeping me from sharing anything personal on this blog lately. I knew if I started to type up anything that my tone would be more negative, hateful and just not me. I didn’t want to get one hundred questions about what’s wrong with me.

I was completely out of my mind and body for a bit which makes perfect sense with all that I have had going on in the past five weeks or so. I am thankful to be feeling a bit more level today and look forward to regaining control over my hormones soon.

Hoping you all have been wonderful and nothing is holding you back from being yourself!

A Trip to Market Basket Gone Sour

I went to Market Basket today with my three kids in tow. I normally try to plan shopping for a weekend or a day when I have no children but today there is no school and Friday is the day when money hits the bank account to get some amount of food for the home. This week it was especially important that I go grocery shopping to at least get thru the weekend because we had peas and egg noodles for dinner last night we are that out of food here. A grocery trip at some level was required today. I always plan a “grocery shopping with kid(s) in tow” based on the best time of day for them. As a parent we all know when the best time of day is for our children to go anywhere, especially the younger ones. My boys have their “times” that work for them and I chose to shop in that time frame.

BE Quite BrandyWhat I never expected was for my youngest to start acting up. It all started when we happened upon the aisle that Lunchables are in, those things cost like near $2 now and I am not buying them. My kids know this, a Lunchable is a rare buy for me and today was not a rare day, today was a shop to get as much as we can within a tight budget while having three kids in tow. The youngest was not having it, neither was the seven year old … yes my two sons decided to start acting up. I was able to deter my seven year old from a total mood swing but the baby of the family was not giving up his demand for a Lunchable. At this point, I had bread, eggs and something else in the cart – oh milk and creamer. I was ready to just leave the store as is and let the kids deal with no food. Of course my daughter started to get upset because she didn’t want to go without food for the few hours she is home today just because her brothers were starting to act a fool.

Finally I was able to get the little man to the cart, walking hand in hand with sissy and brother as we ventured on to finish a grocery shopping trip for just around 10-15 items. Each aisle or two the little guy found something he “must have” or felt running ahead down the aisle was an okay thing to do. I placed the little monster in my cart and he sat there for the majority of the rest of the shopping experience and then it happened… both boys had to go pee. I had to take the little monster out of the cart to go pee with his brother and sister. Upon return from the bathroom he wanted one more chance to be good and walk with sissy and brother .. I allowed it. He was fine the rest of the time.

As we went toward check out the little K man realized that I was not going to the candy sample area, while my daughter is always allowed to get a sample, there was no way this little child was getting one so everyone was unable to get that candy sample. While the older two kids were not too happy and were really upset with K-man for being that way and ruining it for them, they were handling it fine. We got into a check out lane and the older lady customer in front of me kept looking at my young child in an odd way, she gave me looks and was just clearly not happy that my five year old was being  naughty over me saying NO to candy. K-man can act way worse than he was, but he certainly was being ridiculous. K-man proceeded to occasionally toss off a ramen noodle package and try to grab other things to toss on the floor. Then he proceeded to just head butt my arm the whole time during check out whining like he reverted to the age of 2 (or younger) … however this child NEVER acted that way when he was younger – this behavior started when he turned FOUR. His behavior over the past two weeks has become just HORRIBLE and it’s driving me insane but never has he acted like this in a store!

During checkout I was only paying attention to my kids, making sure K-man stayed with me and not running away and making sure the boys were not going to get into any fights. Who I was not paying attention to was the old dude bagger …. who my daughter noticed had been rolling his eyes and SLAMMING my groceries into the cart with the BREAD & EGGS at the bottom of my cart!! The smooshed grocery wasn’t noticed until I left store crying. Yes I left the store in TEARS …. I may have even dropped an F bomb lowly while I walked passed my bagger old dude and said something along the lines “right roll your eyes because you know … children are perfect and if you have any I BET THEY ARE F’IN perfect” .. I proceeded to say that to ALL of the check out lanes as I walked in TEARS a total wreck not even able to watch  my child because I just had to get OUT OF THAT STORE.

It took me about half an hour to calm down enough to CROSS THE STREET to my van with my kids because my eyes were so full of tears, my body was shaking so badly …. my older two kids hugged me and were so livid with this old dude bagger. My youngest was in his normal five year old “world revolves around me” mode and couldn’t understand why Mama said NO yet again to something he WANTED (merry go round ride outside of Market Basket). I had had enough I was done. I cannot believe that anyone who clearly doesn’t like children would be in this type of position. After talking to my Dad I found out that not only was this man rude to me today, but that my sister may have had a stuation with this same bagger the other day.

I am not sure how to complain because 1) my bread was not smooshed that badly and 2) I did drop an F bomb to the guy leaving the store in tears. I feel I didn’t handle the situation totally 100% properly either. Mind you .. yes my baby was placed on couch and not allowed to do ANYTHING for a couple hours once I returned home because I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH HIM EITHER.

So I ask you all this … is it right at any time to be treated in such ways when your child acts slightly naughty? I have been in grocery stores before where my mood disorder child at age 6 was screeching, violent and just plain out of his mind due to medication being off … and never have I been treated like this man treated me today and my groceries…. I feel that no one deserves this. I work hard, damn hard for the money I bring home to feed my kids and I do not wish to have my groceries having a chance of getting ruined because some old man bagger doesn’t like kids…. it’s wrong on so many levels.

I am at a loss of what to think and feel. My mind is in shock that a man of that age would even do such a thing, I expect that from some of the teenagers that work at Market Basket not a grown man who is well up there in years.

Family Dinners: Reclaiming a Lost Tradition

Despite the constant innovations in modern kitchen appliances making it quicker and easier to cook, the modern family now spends less and less time eating in. In fact, whilst in in 1900, 2% of meals were eaten outside the home, in 2010 that figure had risen to 50%.

In part, this can be put down to the fact that in an increasing number of families, all parents are working full time. That, coupled with the sheer number of convenient alternatives to the home-cooked meal on the market these days mean that family meals occur about three times a week on average, commonly last for less than 20 minutes and are generally spent in front of the television.

So, is this the end for the humble domestic meal, or is it worth hanging on to this age-old tradition?

Health Benefits

A home-cooked meal is, in general, healthier than the convenient alternatives that adorn the shelves at the local supermarket.

Obesity in the UK is becoming an increasing problem for the UK, with diet-related diseases now two of the top five causes of premature death for people under 60 years old.

Even high-quality processed meals have been found to contain high levels of salt and sometimes harmful additives.

And whilst home-cooked food contains less nutritional nasties, families will usually find that cooking from scratch using natural ingredients is also cheaper than buying good-quality convenience foods.

Children’s Behaviour

For children in America, eating a family meal has been found to help them achieve better grades at school, as well as steer clear of substance abuse into their teenage years. In fact, in the US, teens who ate fewer family dinners (3 or less per week) were:

  • Over three times more likely to abuse prescription drugs
  • Over three times more likely to use illegal drugs other than marijuana or prescription drugs
  • Three times more likely to use marijuana
  • More than twice as likely to use tobacco
  • Over twice as likely to use alcohol

General Contentment

The more family meals children enjoy per week, the happier they are. Studies have shown that the general health and wellbeing of children who regularly eat family meals is greater than those who don’t, and that doing so provides parents with an opportunity to teach their children appropriate and effective communication skills, manners, nutrition, and good eating habits for later in life.

What with swimming lessons, sports clubs, Brownies and Cubs, it’s not always convenient to take the time out to eat as a family every night. However, it is a good idea to take time at least once or twice a week to enjoy each other’s company as a family.  Sitting around the dining table to eat wholesome, healthy meals with your children is a positive for everyone.

This article was written by Laura Moulden on behalf of AHF, the carpets and furniture specialists.

Mama When Can We Have Lobster?

For years my daughter talked about lobster and how she liked it. My daughter and I are also obsessed with the garlic shrimp from our local Chinese buffet restaurant and so becoming curious about seafood and mostly lobster, my now six year old had begged and begged for lobster! We didn’t have to buy lobster online because one night I happened to have the money to buy a couple small lobsters at our local grocery store. My sons were super excited that Mama finally bought lobster.

Buy Lobster Online

Of course, I had no clue how to really cook the lobster but I had watched my Grampa cook it in the past and one time I got two lobsters from my Mama because she had cooked too many. I figured it out, and cooked them lobsters up great! The boys had more fun ripping the claws off the lobster and totally mangling them than they did dipping lobster meat in butter and munching on it. It seems like a lot of work for a smaller amount of food but honestly lobster is the best and I am so glad that my kids love it, well my older two – the younger boy is still super picky.

Many people love seafood and I bet some may even order seafood online if they are like me, not living anywhere near the seacoast where they can get it fresh off the boat. Can people really get seafood fresh off the boat? That would be grand! I wonder …..

what type of seafood is your favorite?

Five Secrets to Eating Organic on A Budget

Eating Organic on Budget

Healthy eating is often on the agenda of anyone looking to lose weight or maintain their slender figure, and organic produce is a big part of it. Organic foods tend to come with less harmful pesticides and chemicals than ordinary food, plus they’re seen as being more nutritious, but some people worry about the cost.

One look at the organic section of a supermarket will probably make your eyes water, especially if you have to stick to a budget. Fortunately, there are a few things you could do to eat organic food for less. Here are a few tips we have for you:

Eat at home

You might think your best chance of eating organic produce is to eat at a restaurant, but that’s not the case. Whether you buy organic fruit and vegetables from a market, supermarket or directly from a farm, it’s much cheaper plus you can cook what you like!

Buy local

Getting organic food closer to home is cheaper than you might think. If you buy fruit, vegetables or grains from a local retailer, then it’s likely to be cheaper as it won’t have travelled from a farm hundreds of miles away.

Visit a farmers’ market

Every so often, there are farmers markets held all over the world, some of which might be held closer to you. At those markets, you can buy organic produce for less and get your fill of what you need to make soups, stews, casseroles and even salads.

Eat plenty of eggs

You might think some organic foods are out of your price range, but some items are available for the same price as non-organic produce. Eggs are a great example, and with just a couple, you could make a meal like scrambled egg on toast or an omelette for next to nothing! They’re also easy to cook too, as this video demonstrates:

Buy organic food online

You can find great discounts using online food and drink voucher codes with no fuss. Then, you can visit sites of supermarkets and online grocery retailers and buy whatever you need at a price you can afford. Alternatively, as online groceries are cheaper, you could buy organic produce in bulk, allowing you to buy the same foods if you plan on making the same or similar meals every week.

To make even more savings, you could try buy food with your neighbours or relatives who live close by, as that way you could buy what you need for less without having to drive to the nearest supermarket.

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