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3 thoughts on “A Trip to Market Basket Gone Sour”

  1. Some people just truly do not understand. I’ve been there. I think when our kids act up we also become increasingly sensitive, because even if they’re not we feel like all eyes are on us. It’s hard to get over. That being said, the old man definitely should have kept his eye rolls to himself and he did not need to smush your bread and eggs. That in itself is just poor customer service.

  2. While I certainly feel for you, perhaps the old fart has some problems of his own. I live near a very nice grocery store, and typically the older bag “boys” seem to have some type of mental disability. (I am not kidding, just pointing out a fact. I appreciate that the grocery store hires people who need to work, regardless of ability/disability.)

    It’s unfortunate for you and your family that he was not kind.

  3. I think it’s not the bagger’s or anyone else’s right to judge you in the store. He’s there to bag, others are there to do what they’re doing. Plain and simple.

    If he deliberately ruined your groceries, I’d note it to the manager, either via phone, in-person, or in a note. That’s what I’d do whether it got results or not, because if I was a mgr. I’d want to know.

    Sorry you had a bad grocery store visit.

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