My Plain and Simple View on What Co-Parenting Is

Co-parenting to me is what I refer to when two parents are no longer residing in the same household, they have separated, divorced or just broke up having never been married, but they have children who bind them forever.

That is co-parenting. Two parents who have children who bind them forever. Plain -n- Simple.

All About Co-parenting, What is It?

I tend to look at co-parenting in very simple terms because after all, I have already been through 11 years of co-parenting my daughter and now about a couple years or so of co-parenting my boys. My ex husband and I resided in same household off and on after our divorce, but we aren’t here to talk about that.

So I have co-parenting for a lot of years and have already had the experiences that occur when one is attempting to share a child, remember a child is a human being, your child does not belong to you nor to the other parent.

A child is an individual with their own thoughts, their own feelings and should be felt as if those feelings are valid at all times.

Maybe the fact that I have more experience in the area of co-parenting leads me to have less tolerance for those who just cannot seem to get it right. One would think it’s not a difficult concept but then I remember back to the drama filled years of my daughter’s baby days and realize, well it takes time to get it just right. When there are hurt feelings between the ex’s that makes it more difficult to co-parent as well.

It takes a big person to be able to separate feelings of hurt from a failed relationship in order to focus on what matters after the fact; parenting your children together.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to co-parent with someone who makes personal jabs at you based on mistakes made during a relationship that is no longer a relationship. Once you two people become co-parents, all that matters is the children & raising them. A business-like arrangement will work best to allow the children to flourish in both parents homes now and into the future.

Co-parenting is all about agreeing to disagree, letting go of control; neither parent can control the rules or scenarios that occur at one household over the other, but each co-parent should encourage the children to respect both parents and respect the rules set forth in both homes.

Co-parenting is all about letting go …. being able to realize that your children may, at times, wish to see one parent over the other and that is okay. Children change almost daily and sometimes they feel the need for one parent over the other during various stages in their lives.

Co-parenting is about communication, the ability to stay on focus with kid-only topics and to work together to ensure both households, regardless of how you feel about the structure or rules set forth, are safe for the children and that if something does go wrong, both parents can discuss it without throwing personal jabs or having a screaming match over who is the better parent.

Co-parenting is about loving your children. Letting go of how the other parent may have hurt you or upset you and focusing strictly on the children.

Co-parenting isn’t easy, neither is parenting. Life isn’t easy, if it were, then there would be no real adventure, now would there be?

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MammaBaby App For Newborns Available on iPhone #app #iphone

I remember having a difficult time as a Mom to a newborn knowing when my baby had last nursed or when they napped on a regular basis, it’s just all so hard to keep up with when you have a new little one to take care of. I found more difficulties with tracking various things with my babies when I had my second and then the third; being a parent keeps you busy so why not let MammaBaby app allow you to keep track of things better?


This is an app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that allows you to track daily activities and growth using interactive WHO percentiles. Establish alarms for feeding, sleeping and medicines with MammaBaby. I love that MammaBaby also allows you an easy way to share milestones with your family and friends; be honest – parents to newborns always want to brag and alert everyone when their little one has reached a milestone! With tips from Mommy Bloggers accessible as you share various milestones there is so much you can do to feel as if you are parenting just right. Whether you take advice given or not, it’s always nice to hear what others lend for tips on how to parent to allow your child the most growth.

MammaBaby App for iPhone

Features That Make Me Smile:

  • Supports multiple babies up to 5.
  • Automatic synchronization of baby logs between multiple devices
  • Support for Facebook sharing of baby’s height and milestone moments
  • Milestone recording for precious moments and support for Facebook posting.
  • Timely parenting tips for the first year of your baby (29 milestones and 62 baby tips are available)

I love the idea of having an app to input babies growth, when my children were younger we would bring home a sticker with their height and weight on it, but honestly I have lost near all of those stickers. Having an app that you can track such things and then go onto MammaBaby Web and download the information as an Excel file? That to me, is so amazing! I would have loved to have such a tracker when my three kiddos were that young.

This app is rated age 4+ and is under Medical category for apps in the App Store, click here to download MammaBaby today for $3.99. Let me know what you think of it!

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