IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow Review

IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow Review

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This awesome product arrived at my home so that we could check it out, see what we thought and share with my readers. I will say that I selected the IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow because; well I have two boys and well boys love poop. I loved seeing my youngest child’s face light up when he saw the pillow and now my other son is begging for this same emoji pillow. I will be purchasing one for Christmas, ssshh!

IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow Review

My youngest son received a table for his birthday in August, but I cringe when he has it all around everywhere with him. This IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow allows my youngest son to enjoy tablet time with a comfy pillow on his lap. Perfection. In addition this cute three in one pillow is also a backpack and pillow. Cool, right?


With options to choose from such as the Pink Queen Poop Emoji Pillow or the Piggy Emoji Pillow, you can find an Emoji Pillow for anyone on your holiday wish list this year.


About Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow

Started in 2016 IU Emoji headquarters in California wanted to come up with an Emoji pillow that had something new about it. There are so many Emoji’s on the market these days, that they had to think creatively in order to meet the needs of the masses. With the mission to create something that was multi-functional, comfortable and collectible at the same time, IU Emoji was born.  IU Emoji certainly nailed their mission with the creation of an Emoji pillow that is also a cute talking piece while entertaining guests, a pillow to get comfy with, a backpack to carry some small things around with you and a tablet holder. With a listing price of $29.99 each, you really can’t go wrong purchasing from IU Emoji.


The IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow is really the best choice for our family, we absolutely love it!

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  1. Wow! The IU Emoji Poop Emoji Pillow is so cute. They have created a creative multifunctional object. That’s what I need. I wish I have one. Where can I buy this Emoji pillow with better price?

  2. I never thought I’d say that poop is cute. There’s a first time for everything. That pillow is super cute though!

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