What Were Your Blogging Startup Costs?

FAQ: How long until you had a decent following and what was your start up costs like?

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This week’s question is: What Were Your Blogging Startup Costs?

Here I will feature questions asked by readers, social media connections and others who simply message me on Facebook Messenger to ask questions. Rather than spending hours upon hours answering emails and explaining each question to one person at a time, I am hosting a weekly FAQ Session so that we can all learn together.

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FAQ: How long until you had a decent following and what was your start up costs like?

What Were Your Blogging Startup Costs?

Initially I had no major startup costs, aside from purchasing a domain name because I used the free blogging platform of Blogger. Initially this blog was named Writings of a WAHM which switched over to Happily Blended at some point in the last 8 years. In December 2008 I was simply trying to see if I could promote my direct sales company products, while writing on a blog.

My first start up cost spent was in the beginning of 2009 for the domain name purchase for under $20 annually.

I currently see a deal with Namecheap where you can purchase domain names for under $1, you really should check out what your domain name costs through this company. They are my new go to these days.

Once I decided that blogging was my way to make money online, I moved onto investing a bit more cash into the business. One thing I am learning about business is in order to make money online you have to invest money. One tip I have for anyone who is thinking about making money online with a blog is to be smart about where you invest and start turning a profit before you dump all of your savings into a hosting account.

Blogging Startup Costs Will Be Returned

Blogging Startup Costs Will Be Returned

Learning to make money online with a blog isn’t as difficult as many  make it seem. Sure you will have to be certain you are serious about this business venture, work hard and remain dedicated to reaching your goals. In all honestly it took me a good few years before I earned enough money to feel good about making money online with my blog alone. Current year to date I have surpassed the $17,000 I earned at a job outside of the home, in just six months making money online, I topped that total in 2016 alone! I honestly know anyone can do this if they use their skill-set properly and remain focused on the end goal. I am living proof that the few bucks I invested eight years ago have most certainly come back to me ten fold.

How to Safely Spend on Blogging Startup Costs

How to Safely Spend on Blogging Startup Costs

The best way to safely spend money on blogging startup costs is to really determine what your goal is for making money online. I highly advise you do this correctly the first time around.

Once you have established the low startup costs that honestly shouldn’t be more than about $100, depending upon how you setup the hosting account billing options, you should be well on your way to making money online while spending minimal on blogging startup costs.

There you have it, a little bit about what my blogging startup costs were and how you can easily invest a small portion of cash towards making money online with blogging on your own!

Please ask questions about work from home, family life, blogging or whatever comes to mind in a comment below. I will answer questions every Friday in a blog post.

Coming end of of 2016, a new way to get in touch with me on FAQ Friday, subscribe to my blog to get instantly notified with that change occurs!

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  1. The great thing about starting a blog is that it doesn’t cost too terribly much depending on the route you go. And then depending on how committed you are, it can really pay off!

  2. I literally get people almost daily asking me these types of questions! And I never know where to send them to get all the answers in one place. I am bookmarking your blog post so I know where to send them for some answers to some of their blogger 101 FAQs!

  3. Really, I just pay for my domain and that’s about it. After a few years I did pay less than $50 to have someone revamp the look. I agree, it takes money to make money, but don’t spend a lot until you know you want to invest the time that it takes to make your blog work as well.

  4. I’ve spent so much money on my blog since I started it in 2007, lol. But the returns are great so no regrets for me. I love blogging and if you take it as a business like I do, then you have to know what you’re spending on and if the expense is worth it or not.

  5. These are such great tips and it is great to see how much you have made in just 6 months time. It’s encouraging to others that they can do it too.

  6. Congrats to 8 years of blogging. I am halfway on your level but I am making money doing it as well. Although i have larger financial goals I know this is my career that is going to continue to return to me ten-fold as well.

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