How I Redirect Brain Patterns

How I Redirect Brain Patterns

Living a positive lifestyle and being an optimistic person is hard work, each day you have to work to redirect your brain’s regular thought patterns towards your current situation and evaluate based on logic and reasoning skills. This is exhausting. It’s no wonder many fail at their first few attempts to redirect their brain patterns for a positive thinking mindset.

For me, it took years of consistent work to redirect my brain patterns, after all I have had traumatic situations happen more often than once, I have had to rise above being put down and I have had to work hard to support myself and now three kids. Life can be extremely exhausting for me and there are times I just want to curl up into a fetal position and ball my eyes out. I just can’t do it. Not for long anyways.

How I Redirect Brain Patterns

The key to living a positive lifestyle is simply about learning to redirect your brain patterns, think about your brain as a computer system, it has this cached response for every situation you encounter. If an experience happens and your brain recognizes it has been here before, chances are your immediate reaction to the scenario will be based upon a cached version of your brain. Here’s what’s wrong with using the cached response:

  • You have hopefully grown as an individual since the last time this scenario happened.
  • You are not dealing with the same person as you were last time around in this scenario.
  • You are older, wiser and more patient because this has happened to you before.
  • Letting a new person pay for the cached scenario, isn’t fair.

Okay, so life isn’t fair, that last bullet point may be argued, go ahead argue away. What I am trying to explain is that your brain has been trained all of your life through experiences to respond to situations in one particular way. This is partly due to your upbringing combined with life experiences, you see someone who has had a lot of negative happen to them, are going to work harder to redirect brain patterns because their mind simply has too many bad incidents to get beyond before being able to redirect into a new thought pattern.

If you are willing to put in the hard work, effort, sweat and tears then you will be able to succeed in training your brain patterns to handle situations better than you had in the past when you follow these steps that worked to guide me towards being the positive person I am today:

  • When your brain sends a signal to your mouth to speak. Do not speak.
  • Take a moment to breath before you speak, this allows you to really take the time to evaluate current scenario vs past scenario.
  • Speak only when you are ready to handle the current situation without basing it upon past experiences.
  • Be open to hearing new ideas and a new response to this scenario that you are not used to receiving.
  • Listen fully to what the person is telling you and then evaluate what the current situation really is.
  • Read “POSITIVE THINKING: Self Help – Embrace The Power of Positive Thinking” on Kindle or purchase the book via Amazon.

Once you have taken the time to practice each of the steps listed above, you will find that you are more relaxed and better able to pause your brain before responding to a situation and making someone pay for past trauma. History all too often repeats itself, that’s the “easy” way to live, but if you are like me and want to grow beyond who you are today; then stop allowing history to repeat itself in your life, allow yourself to grow today by practicing exercises to redirect brain patterns.

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  1. These are great tips. Years ago, I listened to a talk on Cognitive Behavior Change and controlling your thoughts. It’s been life changing.

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