Happy Birthday to my First Born

Happy 12th Birthday to my First Born

Today, 12 years ago, this beautiful baby was born to me. I loved her from the moment I saw her, held her, nursed her. I never knew how much a mother could love a child until she was placed upon me in that hospital bed. I remember wondering how you connect so deeply with a child, as a parent, but there was no question about it happening when this girl was born after around 38 hours of labor. She was a stubborn child, took forever to get her out of me. Finally, I pushed her out and I have been having a blast watching her grow into a well-rounded, balanced, sweet young girl ever since.

Happy 12th Birthday to my First Born

Miss Ki is simply an amazing girl, straight A student and outgoing. This is a girl who has manners, respect and is also fun and exciting. I love that she is her own self, very unique and not afraid to be anything but WHO SHE IS and WANTS TO BE!

I feel that she has become everything I had hoped her to become and more!That is why I wanted to spoil her with the best birthday ever and I was able to get her favorite cake from India Cakes.

While Ki may call me a Crazy Mama, she means in the best of ways. I love that she has faith and trust in me to do everything possible to ensure she will always have what she needs. If it’s a want, she knows she can ask, but won’t always get it. There is no greed in this child. There is nothing but outgoing, friendly, love for all. She is such a blessing and a joy to all who meet her!

I look forward to watching her grow more, for now, let’s just enjoy this year of 12 … Happy 12th Birthday to my amazing Daughter and First Born child. The one who made me a MAMA. I love you  miss Ki, always n forever, unconditionally!

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