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A package arrived on my doorstep. It was heavy. The little man tried to carry it into the house and succeeded {barely} then it happened … we wanted to know what was inside of that box? What could it be? It was far to heavy to be a toy for the boys or the daughter. It was heavy enough to be … some form of food maybe or drink? Yes. That’s it. A drink.

V8 Refreshers

We had JUICE, but this was not just any sort of juice. No. Shh I didn’t tell my children this fact, or else they would not have drank the whole bottle of Black Cherry Berry. As you can see in the image; we received two bottles of V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers in Tangerine Passionfruit and Black Cherry Berry flavor. Which flavor was the most loved in this happily blended household?

The black cherry berry. That, mind you, I only was able to steal about 10 ounces of before the rest of the clan here drank it up.

While the Tangerine Passionfruit was a decent flavor to me; it was just not a mixture I prefer; tasting a bit of tangy with sweet. The black cherry berry reminded my taste buds of something like a fruit punch flavor and that made our taste buds happier than the tangerine passionfruit, at least in this household.

I am curious if you try this, what you would try for a flavor? Read on to learn what flavor options there are …

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 About V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers

V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers are a blend of 20-25% fruit and vegetable juice – just read the label. There is 100% vitamin C in each of these bottles and as you can see on the label “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” which is a big deal to many, for health reasons. V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers have many flavor options for each of our growing taste buds; Black Cherry Berry, Cranberry Grape, Tangerine Passionfruit and Peach Strawberry. V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers are naturally sweetened, contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Nutrition information based on an 8 ounce serving can be seen below –

V8 Refreshers

V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers have a suggested retail price of $3.49 for a 46 ounce bottle and can be found in the juice aisle of grocery and mass merchandise stores nationwide.

Learn more about V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers by visiting their website and Liking V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers on Facebook.

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