{book review} THE BEST MAN by Kristan Higgins

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I spent many days with my head in a book, but not just any book …. The Best Man was the book that I found myself so involved in reading that while I was sitting in my car at the school waiting for my preschool son, I completely forgot I was even parked at the school. I was so enthralled in reading The Best Man that my brain shut off all other surroundings.

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Do you have one of those friends that just seems to never get the right guy?

She dates and dates just to find something wrong with each of those men she tried forming a relationship with?

Maybe it’s you? Maybe it’s your sister. Maybe it’s your best friend. Who knows, but I bet we all know or have known a Faith Holland in our lifetime.

Faith Holland is that type of girl – the one who gets the wrong guy over and over, well sort of.  As I read this book I began to think that maybe Faith just fell for any guy that was nice to her, looked appealing and was in a decent career. Reading further into the book I realized that Faith had a deep secret about her mother that quite possibly made her latch onto the wrong men, being completely oblivious to the fact that they were gay, married or what not. It’s as if she was wanting a protector, a man to fill some hole within herself that she didn’t even stop to smell the roses … or see who the real man in front of her was. This was a habit Faith kept falling into and eventually led to her utter frustrations with the male species in general.

Excerpt From The Best Man –

When she’d paid the bill (and really Clint, thanks for ordering a seventy five dollar bottle of wine), she went out into the damp, cold San Francisco air and started walking. It wasn’t far to her apartment, even in heels. The streets of San Francisco were nothing compared to the steep hills of home. Consider it her cardio. Pissed-off Woman Workout. The Stop of the Righteous and Rejected. It was noisy down here at the wharf, the seagulls crying, music blaring out from every bar and restaurant, a dozen different languages bouncing around her.

Back home, the only sound would be the late seasoned crickets and the call of the owl family who lived in an old maple at the edge of the cemetery. The air would be sweet with the smell of grapes, tinged with wood smoke, because already the nights would be cooling down. From her old bedroom window, she’d be able to see all the way to Keuka. She’d spent her childhood playing in woods and fields, breathing the clean air of western New York, swimming in glacier-formed lakes. Her love of the outdoors was the main reason she’d become a landscape architect—the chance to woo people from their increasingly interior lives and enjoy nature a little bit more.

Maybe it was time to start thinking seriously about moving back. That had always been the plan, anyway. Live in Manningsport, raise a family, be close to her sibs and father.

Clint Bundt. Married with a kid. Such a hemorrhoid. Well. Soon she’d be home with her dog. Liza probably was out with her guy, the Wonderful Mike, so Faith could watch Real Housewives and eat some Ben and Jerry’s.

Finally that one man came into {and out of} Faith’s life in such a way that she started thinking about her true plan … the life plan she had for herself before moving out to California, to move back home and be with her family in Manningsport. Faith had nieces, nephews, grandparents, father and family along with friends in Manningsport, should she not belong back there now? Now that her love life is simply just taking this turn for the worse it seems?

Travel along with Faith Holland while she goes on a somewhat funny romantic walk back into the world she grew up in and learns some things about human nature, her own self and perhaps go on to find something even more special … finding that one true love.

The Best Man will have you so enthralled with the story line that nothing else around you will matter while you are reading it. The comedy keeps you giggling when things get a little too serious sounding. The relationships between the characters and their actions are written so well by Kristan Higgins that you will picture yourself right there witnessing all that Faith and the other characters in the book go through.  Between the comedy and the suspense found in this romance novel, I firmly believe that if you are a romance book fan that you will just love this novel.

Learn more about Kristan Higgans, New York Times Best Selling Author and see what other books she has available for your reading pleasure on KristanHiggins.com.

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  1. You make it sound great (I haven’t heard of it until now). I’m glad you found something you got lost in, those books are the best kind.

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