Giveaway: $100 Gift Card From Office Max for Your Teacher

I am very excited to be announcing a fantastic giveaway for one lucky teacher from the United States!

On behalf of the “A Day Made Better” cause for teachers, you can nominate your teacher to win a gift card to OfficeMax for school supplies!

Teachers are really incredible! They touch so many lives every day and open the doors to opportunity in every way, shape and form. I’ve gotten to know my kids’ teachers over the past few years and have seen first hand their incredible contributions.

With school budgets diminishing nationwide, teachers are starting to take matters into their own hands by purchasing their own classroom materials. According to the National Education Association, teachers are spending about $1000 each year on supplies for their class, which is pretty astonishing. Can you imagine if your job asked you to bring your own tape, scissors, and paper for your desk? There would likely be an uprising, but somehow, teachers have silently picked up the tab…that is until now.

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That’s why I’ve joined the Max Moms for teachers program to help create awareness and give back to teachers. The Max Moms are working in collaboration with the national “A Day Made Better” cause founded by OfficeMax and nonprofit Adopt-A-Classroom to help erase teacher-funded classrooms. Annually in October, they host a national event that recognizes and rewards over 1000 teachers with a total of $1 million in school supplies to help alleviate the financial burden and thank them for their hard work.

About A Day Made Better

“A Day Made Better” is a national cause event founded by OfficeMax to benefit its nonprofit partner Adopt-A-Classroom and to call attention to the issue of teachers having to pay for their own classroom supplies. Annually in October, 30,000 OfficeMax associates surprise and honor more than 1,000 teachers at Title 1 schools around the country with a total of $1,000,000 worth of classroom supplies – $1,000 per classroom. Nominated by their principals, teacher recipients receive this honor for their exceptional contributions and going above-and-beyond as an educator. The name, “A Day Made Better,” is derived from the concept that OfficeMax and Adopt-A-Classroom can make at least one day better for teachers by providing them with essential classroom supplies – so they don’t have to. By facilitating 1,000 simultaneous teacher surprise events – all on one day – OfficeMax believes this action will attract public attention to the problem of teacher out-of-pocket spending and motivate the public to help teachers by adopting them through Adopt-A-Classroom.

You too can join in this cause and give back to a deserving teacher by nominating your favorite teacher to receive a $100 gift card for school supplies donated by OfficeMax.

Entry Requirements

1) For a chance to enter and win, please post a comment below that describe why the teacher you’d like to nominate is PassionateDedicated and  Innovative.

2) As an additional entry, you can visit the Welcome tab on OfficeMax’s Facebook page and post a comment here telling us what you think of their Facebook donation campaign benefiting Adopt-A-Classroom.

I am looking forward to your nominations and will announce the winner on October 5, 2010 –national “A Day Made Better” day for teachers!

Terms & Disclosure: No purchase necessary to be eligible for a chance to enter or win. The winner will be selected randomly through The gift card was provided by OfficeMax as part of its cause for teachers. The views written here are my opinion.

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Happily Blended Giveaway: $100 Gift Card From Office Max for Your Teacher
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  1. because she not only taught for the school year- but kept on mentoring for many years and still does carrying about the lives and futures of her students

  2. My sons’ teacher is passionate about exercise and health, she makes it a part of her curriculum.

  3. I’m like to nominate my sons teacher Mrs. Hickock. This is the third year out of five years, that my son has had the same teacher. My son has both speech & reading problems and Mrs. Hickock has helped my son so much. She’s caring and patient and my son has really grown from her care.
    Thanks so much.

  4. I would like to dominate a great teacher who is also a good friend of mine! She teaches 6th grade and she works at a school that has a lot of troubled kids in her class, she works in a big city, so they have a lot of kids that need extra help or have problems at home. She’s so passionate about her job, and she’s such a nice and wonderful person. I have seen first hand that she often buys things for her classroom out of her own pocket, so I know she would appreciate this gift card so much! Thanks!!

  5. I think it’s AWESOME that Office Max is getting involved and helping in the Adopt a Classroom program, this truly will help so many. Our kids are OUR future, we need to take care of them and their education.

  6. i would nominate mrs patterson because she cares about her students and it’s not just a job to her. Great teacher!

  7. Is it possible to nominate 2 teachers to split the $100? I’d like to nominate my 2 sons’ teachers. They get to class as much as 2 hours before the kids do and stay after school for at least an hour to meet with parents and keep everyone up to date on their child’s progress. I think they are both very dedicated.
    .-= Mami2jcn´s last blog ..Misikko Hair Products Review and Giveaway =-.

  8. We don’t have anyone to nominate. We are our children’s teachers, because we homeschool so that they can get a better education. We can only dream of getting the pay and benefits that a teacher does!

  9. I would like to nominate my sons teacher Mrs. Ellsworth. She is ALL of those things. The kids love her, she loves them and she is creative, attentive, fun, kind and caring!

  10. I would nominate my daughters teacher. My daughter has special needs and is in gen ed with this teacher and not the easiest child to deal with. So far my daughter & this teacher have not gotten along very well and I hope this might give the teacher more incentive to work hard to keep my daughter there and learning.

  11. Mrs. Martin was my son’s 5th grade teacher. She is passionate because she doesn’t allow any name calling in her classroom. She soothes tears and makes the kids happy. She is passionate about teaching also.

    She is dedicated because she doesn’t allow the children to do half jobs, they have to get the job done well. She stays until 5 pm to help students that may need it.

    Let me tell you about innovative! She had the children do a solar system with planets, comets, satellites, space station, etc. last year. It took up a good part of the stage. The children were SO excited to show this off to family. The children did really well on their tests too!
    .-= Susan S´s last blog ..Oh- when my child is sick! =-.

  12. I would like to nominate my friend, Shirley. She has taught for over 20 years now and is very dedicated to her students. She takes true joy in watching her students as they grow and learn.

  13. I would like to nominate my dear friend. She is a teacher at a local elementary school. Her husband was just deployed to Iraq for year and yet she still smiles and continues to help children and then comes home to her 2 young daughters. She is very inspiring!
    thank you

  14. My sons’ teacher is passionate about exercise and health, she makes it a part of her curriculum.

  15. I would nominate my daughter who home schools my granddaughter. She is a great mom and is loving the role of teacher as well.

  16. I’d nominate a fellow teacher who goes “above and beyond” with her work and cares about every student in her class.

  17. My son’s teacher, Heather Rudolph, is inspiring because she teaches a wide variety of people with different ages and backgrounds. She is encouraging and never judgmental.

  18. I would like to nominate my mom who has been a special ed teacher for over 35 years. She now teaches kids with severe disabilities and everything that she needs for materials are really expensive and the school system barely covers anything so a lot of it comes out of her own pocket. She is a very dedicated and caring teacher.
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..Email Scams =-.

  19. I think it is a wonderful thing. Teachers pay for so much stuff out of their own pockets. Totally liked and shared the app with my facebook friends.
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..Email Scams =-.

  20. Mrs. Walker is the most passionate, Dedicated and innovative teacher I know! It was always fun learning in her kindergarten class. (I STILL remember her lessons!) Whether playing old records of children’s songs to help us learn or doing special snacks to study the clouds, I just remember feeling like a family every day in class.

    She would even do a nice quiet time after lunch if “we were good” (But I think it was really if we were too roudy!)
    Mrs. Walker seriously changed the way I work with kids even today. She proved how dedicated she is by STILL continuing to be a teacher… 15 years later!

  21. I nominate my son’s reading teacher. She is the kindest, most compassionate and tireless teacher. She has shown such dedication in helping my son with his learning disability.

  22. I’d nominate Mrs. Rose. She seems to have a great relationship with all her students and is both a teacher and a friend to most of them. I’m always impressed with her dedication including everything from regular personal emails with status updates to the type and frequency of notes on graded papers.

  23. I’d nominate my friend Gretchen who’s a dedicated, innovative, passionate choir teacher! She brings in guest teachers to give new perspective, never gives up on her students, and loves what she does!

  24. My son’s teacher is passionate about helping kids with special needs. She is there day after day in a tough situation, making a difference in these kids’ lives. I think that is definitely dedication. She is innovative because she tailors each lesson to help each child. It is not a “one size fits all” approach. Every child in that classroom has a different disorder, but every child is taught, loved, and nurtured in her classroom!

  25. This campaign is incredible! I’d like to nominate 2nd Grade teacher Barbara Hirst from Forest Grove Elementary School in Pacific Grove California. Dedicated? You bet! She’s been teaching for more than 20 years with creativity, patience, and passion. As a teachers’ aide at the school, I’ve seen our school suffer greatly in the past few years. The budget is significantly cut every year, and the burden ultimately falls on the teachers and parents to pick up the slack. Ms. Hirst finds innovative ways to upcycle and recycle cast-off items in the school supply room and turns them into crafts and projects that compliment the lesson plan and state standards. She calls her class “Friends of the Forest” and decorates it to have a whimsical, enchanted forest feel. Each day, a different group of students get to be the “Elves”. The Elves have special responsibilities on their day. Ms. Hirst makes science fun, applicable, and exciting. The class tends a small garden outside the classroom, plants seeds and bulbs indoors and out, does an amazing unit on geology and fossils. Innovative? Absolutely! At the end of the year, the class puts together a video where the students partner-up to spotlight different aspects of how the class functions. The DVD is then shown to the incoming students the next year! Passionate? There may be little money in the budget, but Ms. Hirst delivers solid teaching, creative lessons, provides a warm and nurturing environment, and even a touch of magic!
    .-= Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17´s last blog ..EASY MOVIE THEATER BIRTHDAY PARTY &amp POPCORN CUPCAKE DIY with a free popcorn bucket download =-.

  26. i’d nominate my sons preschool teacher mrs. d. she is such an understanding and wonderful lady. every day my son goes to school a little scared and near tears and she knows exactly how to engage him so that he feels good about being there. Each month her classroom changes with the theme and she really has great ideas to broaden his imagination
    nannypanpan at

  27. my sons teacher, miss boysen is the best! she also taught my 15 yr old when he went to the school. if it wasnt for her, we would have never known my son needed classes! their pediatrition didnt even catch it at his yearly a month earlier! she comes up with clever ideas for fundraising to help with funds the school desperately needs and she brought guitar classes to the after school program that we could never afford before! AHHHHMAZING!

  28. My daughter’s teacher last year was THE BEST teacher ever! At one of the conferences she looked me in the eye and said,”It’s my responsibility to teach your child and make sure she understands what I’m teaching.” I about fell out of my chair! I have always felt this was every teachers job yet most feel like it’s not. I would love for Mrs. Schmidt to win this.

  29. my sons teacher for k last year,she was awesome,kept them motivated,taught them a lot&so much more

  30. I would like to nominate my mom Patty. She is a special needs teacher for elementary school age kids. She mostly works with autistic children that need alot of TLC. I think she is amazing for the work that she does because only certain people have the heart and the patience for this job. She forms amazing bonds with these children and I’m sure most of them will remember her forever!My mom is one of those teachers that spends alot of money on her classroom. She actually works a second job as a bartender to help. Alot of her students, being special needs, need special learning tools that the school doesnt always provide. Last year she ran a craft/ bake sale to help raise money for extra learning supplies. The students made crafts and the parents helped bake goodies for the sale. This really helped them out alot!


  31. I liked Office Max on Facebook and I think that it’s amazing that they are donating a dollar for everyone that “likes” them. I know alot of teachers, and they are so dedicated to their students that they spend so much money trying to make their classrooms better. It’s nice to see a big company realizes this and helping out.

  32. Nancy Clark: She makes learning fun, and engaging. Rarely does a child ask for a specific teacher. My son did, and he got his wish. Thanks to Mrs Clark.

  33. I would nominate Mrs. Harris – my daughter’s Chemistry and AP Environmental Science teacher! She gets her students EXCITED about learning, so excited that they work all SUMMER on the Envirothon project, and actually got first place in the nation last year! She goes so far above and beyond, with her time, her energy, her own money, her enthusiasm…!

    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  34. I’d like to nominate my daughters 6th grade teacher Mrs Kerns. She spent extra time with my daughter to help her with her study habits and to get better grades. She is passionate, dedicated and innovative. She started a new math program that makes math easier to understand.

  35. I think it’s great that Office Max is getting involved and helping in the Adopt a Classroom program. It’s a great way to help teachers with supplies so they don’t have to spend their own money.

  36. I would nominate my daughters teacher who has taken on the task of helping her actually how to learn and she has become so involved. I call that a passion for teaching. She is absolutely incredible. And I salute her in all that she does for our children.

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