Knitting Is For All Ages

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Knitting is a past time of mine that I wasn’t aware I would enjoy until I started. I was so used to the old fashioned stereotype that only old women sat around and knitted but not people of a younger age. Being in my twenties I still shock people when I tell them I enjoy knitting. The truth is my aunt taught me to knit about five years ago. After seeing all the neat things she could make I finally broke down and asked her to show me how. I really enjoy making scarfs and hats because they are rather easy to make and you can never have enough. Plus I enjoy making cute hats for my new daughter. I will often knit when my daughter is napping. This is the time when I can relax and just tune out the world. That is why I will often play music while I work on my knitting projects. I also enjoy watching directstartv while I knit. I must say my knitting time is my “me time” and I would probably go crazy without it. So, I think society shouldn’t believe the old steretype that knitting is only for old people. It is without a doubt fun for all ages.

Another Great Idea For My Living Room

As I sit here and think about things I want for my home one thing that always seems to come to mind is a coffee table, now I have had a lot of coffee tables in my past that are glass, pointy wood and such but my family need something that Baby K can be safe around! The boys are wild little ones and so I need something tough and sturdy without any glass on it in this household! Maybe something like this:

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This will not only serve as a great coffee table, but as a storage space for all those remotes we have for various living room electronics such as the Wii console, the computer hooked up as a television and the stereo for awesome sound while watching movies. I know that I wish I could go shopping for a good coffee table and thanks to CSN Stores I soon will be checking out their site to see what it is I can get for a coffee table, even if it’s just a small one to start with!

Disclosure: I will receive a gift code from CSN Stores for writing this blog post and will have a review live on site in the future for the product I choose with my gift code.

Looking for New Rugs?

Did you ask Santa for a new rug this year but he didn’t bring you one? What about checking out a great selection of Jute Rugs for your home? These rugs look really adorable on site and seem to be something great to use on a hardwood floor. I know we have hardwood floors and man are they cold first thing in the morning, nothing like stepping out of bed onto a nice rug of your choice to keep them toes warm first thing in the morning or through out the cold Winter days and nights!

Another style of rug that seems pretty cute is the Bamboo Rugs, I know I love Panda Bears so when I think of Bamboo anything I think of those cute, but from what I hear dangerous Panda Bears. Are Panda Bears really mean?! I hope not, because they are too cute! A Bamboo Rug is great because from what I hear Bamboo is really strong and probably will outlast your other rugs in your home, I don’t know this for sure, maybe you can tell me more about Bamboo Rugs if you have one in your home?!

So if you asked Santa for a rug this year, did he bring it? And if not, what type of rug are you looking for? Love to hear your comments!

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More Mailbox Ideas

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I swear I am honestly obsessed with mailboxes! Some days I wish I had the money to do a whole theme with my home, to include the outdoors all landscaped with a nice mailbox such as the blomus mailboxes style, although that style may not work for my home, in the future when I have more than just a virtual office I think it would suit me well!

For now I am on the search for a variety of modern mailboxes because that is what I need … my ghetto mailbox is sitting at my house held up by a tire from the previous Winter when the state plow truck took it off his beam or whatever. This year I hope that it stays in one piece so that this Summer I can take a look at some inexpensive stainless steel mailboxes. Do you have your mailbox all styled up to look good with your home, or do you do the cheap style so that there are no worries when something goes wrong with it?

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