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Drivesafe.lyI have a new application on my BlackBerry Tour that I just had to share with you all. As a person who is addicted to texting but refuses to text while driving I knew there had to be a way to hear your texts, I mean come on we are in the year 2009 .. right?!

So I went to Blackberry App World and found an application called Drivesafe.ly . It literally reads your text messages out loud, you can even have it set up to read your emails as well as auto respond to texts and emails with a customized message. Mine simply says “Sorry I am driving, I got your text but will respond when I am parked”. Most of my friends understand that I don’t text while I am driving even if they still do it.

I can’t imagine trying to safely drive down the road, texting on my cell while driving on the road straight?! I mean this is a girl who can’t chew gum and walk .. okay reality is I am super bad at doing two things at once if one requires a lot of concentration and fast reactions. Driving requires focus and the ability to instantly respond to a fast brake light being put on.

So my new fave app is DriveSafe.ly and I hope you will check it out and see if you can get it on your phone. Now hopefully my friends who text me don’t have any naughty words to say or else my three year old may learn a new word he doesnt’ really need to learn. OH and if you don’t want everyone hearing your texts and/or emails, like the girl at the bank drive through lane, be sure to shut it off and set it up so it doesn’t automatically go ON when you turn your cell phone on 😉

Make it a Happy Day!

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  1. Mona (1 comments)

    I have the Drive Safely app and love it 🙂