Some Battles are Not Worth the Fight

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22 thoughts on “Some Battles are Not Worth the Fight”

  1. These are great tips. When it comes to kids, sometimes you just have to let them fall down. That’s the only way they learn.

  2. I love it! Raising the kids is the very definition of pick your battles. Of course, you have to keep them from killing themselves, but some scrapes and bumps, physical and emotional, as they age are how they learn.

  3. It is so important not to let everything turn into a battle. There are some things you should just let go.

  4. I think learning to pick your battles takes time but it’s important. I like your strategies for when you run into problems.

  5. Things are so much easier when we accept each child as an individual because not everything is one size fits all. I’ve been trying to not sweat the small stuff in all areas of my life.

  6. Love this post! I guess after parenting for fifteen years my biggest piece of advice would be when my child is being stubborn I sit down with him or her and I tell each of them to take a long breath and then I try and get them to just open up and talk to me about what is going on and what is behind their behavior. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

  7. So funny because I always thought like that then I became a grandmother and realized even the battles I picked weren’t worth it. Save it for the big ones!

  8. I’m not a parent (and not planning to be either) but I was a Special Ed Teacher and this list certainly resonates, while moms deal with anywhere from 1-3, I had 30 kids with Special Needs for the bulk of the day and you learn quickly to pick your battles in keeping kids in line! 🙂

  9. We definitely do our best to pick our battles. Our children know we will never tolerate certain things and understand there will always be consequences for their actions.

  10. Kids will always be kids but it’s our responsibility to teach them what’s right and that doesn’t always come in a sermon about how things should be done. Most of the time, talking to them and explaining why a certain action is not expected is the way to go. I think these are really good suggestions!

  11. Yeah! Battles are our choice, we either win or lose but what’s important is to fight the best battles of our lives.

  12. Sometimes I’m overly firm with my kids on big subjects because they need to know the importance of the matter. If it’s not huge and important, the reaction is minimal.

  13. Offering choices has been the best thing for us, and making sure the choices are things we can handle either answer, but letting the kids be involved with decisions more.

  14. Oh, yeah I have my everyday battles! It is really important that our spirit is calm or else sharp words will be our shield for the battle.

  15. I have been saying this for years. As a parent, one of the first steps in negotiating is to make the crucial decision of which battles are actually worth fighting for. Not everything is!

  16. This is some good stuff that can also be applied when communicating with adults, seriously. You can talk to them out of something, it’s just that the punishment’s not going to come from you if they still do otherwise.

  17. These are great tips, I think responding calmly is an important one. That only teaches them to respond in the same way.

  18. Great advice. I bet every parents need this. I have battles every day and keeping calm is always the key. Thanks for sharing!

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