Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Day at School

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13 thoughts on “Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Day at School”

  1. Great tips. We always make sure we have the kids’ routine solidly in place for school. They have their bedtimes and all of that, but we also make sure clothes and lunches – pretty much anything time consuming are done the night before.

  2. Organization is key to being able to truly get things flowing smoothly. People don’t take enough time to slow down and realize how key that can be.

  3. These are awesome tips! Routines and organization are so important in making the first day of school go off as well as possible!

  4. These are really great tips! I think for us the routine is going to be the biggest challenge after a long summer of late nights! And thanks for the reminder to offer kind words and support–especially as they head out the door!

  5. I agree it’s important to remember how it felt to be young and beginning school. I like to make everything seem super exciting and show lots of enthusiasm because it’s contagious. Stay organized keeps us all feeling relaxed and ready for the day.

  6. The first day of school for any little one is a big deal; exciting and terrifying at the same time. These are all great things to remember for both child AND parent for that time of the year.

  7. You have great tips here! First days are always hard for little ones. But getting them ready with routines will surely help.

  8. It makes it so much easier to be prepared, right?! appreciate your fab tips, they were a good refresher! Have a great school year!

  9. The routine advice really helps. I’ve had a nephew who would always get lost with his first few weeks in school no matter how proper his essentials are. It always gives me the chuckles when I remember that.

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