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26 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Family Month With Shari’s Berries”

  1. I have ordered chocolate covered strawberries from them twice and was VERY happy with them. They were delicious!

  2. We love doing a family night. We usually get some kind of dessert get a boardgame out and play it. I can’t say how much I enjoy doing it.

  3. I love Shari’s berries and I love spending time with my family. Summer is our favorite time of the year and I’m sold on the idea of family month.

  4. I had no idea that it was family month. These berries would be perfect for our family to share during a family game night or movie night. We love chocolate covered strawberries.

  5. Playing board games with the family while eating Shari’s Berries would be divine. I like that they are already prepped so there is no effort on my part.

  6. Chocolate covered fruit is appropriate for ANY occasion in my book. I would celebrate a random Monday with that deliciousness.

  7. Family Night is a great idea! Shari’s Berries are SO DELICIOUS! What a great idea! I loved reading your post – the pictures are great 🙂

  8. I am a BIG fan of Shari’s Berries – especiallly the ones with dark chocolate! We celebrate family every day by eating together and playing outside in the yard.

  9. We have done all those things except biking. We don’t all have bikes, so that makes it not possible. We do go hiking on weekends when we have more time to spend together.

  10. Shari berries looks so good. We have never had those, but I will ask my husband if we can get some. Sharing desserts are a great for celebrating family time.

  11. I feel like family day is every day in our house, which is pretty awesome. We are always doing something together….and I know that we would love to dig into some Shari’s Berries together, too.

  12. I feel like family day is every day in our house, which is pretty awesome. We are always doing something together….and I know that we would love to dig into some Shari’s Berries together, too.

  13. We love doing all things outdoors. Family Day needs a kayaking adventure to make it a true celebration.

  14. I have heard such great things Shari’s Berries before but never gotten to experience them. i would love to give them at try, what a way to conquer the sweet tooth!

  15. Now that my girls have grown up and one has moved out, the moments I can get with both of them are priceless. I value that family time more than anything!

  16. I think it would be great to have a family day activities regularly. It could be a common trip, a hike or even biking together.

  17. Celebrating family is so important and Shari’s Berries is an awesome idea to help in the celebration. We love to watch movies and even shows together to celebrate our family and adding products from Shari’s Berries would be great to add.

  18. I have heard of Sharis berries on the radio before but have never tried them yet. They look so good.

  19. I’ve seen so many Shari’s Berries and can you believe I’ve never had one. I’m thinking that I should get one “just because”, just because I deserve it.

  20. Is it odd that I’ve never heard of this because it sure seems like everyone else has! Very cool post I know!

  21. Its family month? I had no idea! I’m feeling a movie night coming on! Maybe we’ll order some berries to enjoy with it! 😉

  22. We have to celebrate Family Month with a movie or special dinner. Shari’s Berries would be perfect for after dinner or as a treat during the movie. Love them!

  23. These look sooo good! I always get mine from Edible but I need to try these – especially since you’re getting lots of Sharis Berries supporters in the comments too! Yummmyyyy!

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