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7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Time – How do you Declutter?”

  1. I like to Spring Clean. I remember someone coming around to pick up things once a year when I was a kid… maybe Volunteers of America? It’s a vague memory, but that was a good idea (for them and us!).

  2. I try to declutter a little each day instead of doing all at once. This way I wont have to do it all at once. I find it a lot simpler by chucking at it each day.

    We have a garage sales every year in our community, so this is how we get rid of the stuff we do not want. At the end of the day what ever is not sold we just give it away.

  3. I don’t really spring clean every year. Instead, I just go on a cleaning spree at random times throughout the year LOL!

  4. I wished it would hurry up and get here. Can’t wait to open up the windows to let the nice cool breeze in!!

  5. I seriously have to declutter. I’m thinking of selling a bunch of stuff that we have in storage.

  6. I don’t always do Spring cleaning, but I really need to. I think next week we will be working on some Spring Cleaning and Organizing while on Spring break.

  7. Decluttering can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re not able to let things go. I think doing a little bit each day is a fantastic approach.

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