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20 thoughts on “Keeping House: Easy Ways to Reduce the Grime and Your Cleaning Time”

  1. Loving all of your tips. We always take off our shoes as a soon as we come in the house. We live on a dirt road and it’s way easy to track in dirt around this place.

  2. This such a great article! My entire family uses shower gels, but I had no idea it would actually help keep my shower clean.

  3. Great tips! We try to minimize grime in our home. We take off shoes when we come in and no eating anywhere but the kitchen.

  4. I never knew about the extra ways to use dryer sheets! These are really great tips for keeping the house clean and free of grime.

  5. Dust is a huge problem here in Nevada. We are getting new carpets (thank goodness) and shoe removal will be top on the list.

  6. I think taking off your shoes is the most important thing to keep the house clean. I love all your tips, they are so useful especially for many of us who have such busy lifestyles!


  7. Just a little vacuuming every day can go a long way to cut down on the dust bunnies. Especially when you love yours like I do!

  8. These are some really clever ideas. I’m going to try that shower liner trick so we can make ours last longer.

  9. The best thing I did was decide to order a bunch of PVC liners. I swap out the liner frequently and toss the cloth liner in the wash. It’s SO much better than trying to clean a liner! Now, I need to get on those other uses for dryer sheets.

  10. This is a great list of helpful hacks. I learned about using dryer sheets on baseboards a few years ago and it really makes a difference. I need to try them on our glass shower door next!

  11. I had no idea that dryer sheets could be so versatile! Great tips! I wish I could convince everyone in my house to take off their shoes before tracking a mess into the house.

  12. I try to focus a few minutes of my day cleaning SOMETHING. Makes me feel accomplished and not overwhelmed

  13. These are fantastic tips. I will be doing my spring cleaning this weekend. I will have to use a few of these.

  14. If I do a little each day, it doesn’t ever feel too overwhelming. There are some great ideas here that would cut down even more. Gotta grab some tin foil.

  15. I try to stay on top of cleaning so it doesn’t get out of hand. Other times I slack off and don’t clean for weeks

  16. Thanks for the helpful tips.
    I can use all the help I can get regarding keeping the house clean!

  17. I’ve been using the shower gel for a long time now, no one believed me, I told them just try it!

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