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4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Greedy, Free Content Can be Great”

  1. The “Free content” posted on my site falls into one of 3 categorizes

    1. Promoting other sites & bloggers that I enjoy, people my readers might like
    2. Legitimate charities
    3. reviews of products & services that I paid for,liked & think my readers will like

    While I will frequently retweet press releases in the tech field on twitter as such updates are welcome by many of my followers, the idea of simply regurgitating a press release and posting it on my blog is not something I’ll consider doing at this time. It’s big news? it’s something that might be important to me or my readers? then it needs to properly posted about in a personalized manner, not sure how I feel about taking the time to do that for a brand I don’t already have a relationship with.

    Keep this in mind, those folks who try to guilt you into posting those press releases by saying things like “What? don’t you value your readers enough to share this with them?’ aren’t working for free. You want me to pimp your content? try approaching me in a way that shows you respect my time & intelligence.

    Great post! happy Social Media Day!

    1. I agree that if I had a relationship with the brand I would more apt to do free content than just some new contact. Good points! Love your comment. thank you.

  2. I have gotten free content pitches and so far, none of them apply to my site. So I pretty much told them that since it didn’t suit my site then they would have to pay me. I never heard back. It annoys me that I get more pitches in which someone hasn’t really looked at my site or what I talk about.

    Overall, I am not opposed to free content if it is something that really is relevant to me and me my readers. However, if I start getting inundated I would probably start charging.

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