Living Life to the Fullest

It isn’t easy living life to the fullest, each day a new issue, challenge, thought comes about that can make you question everything you have in your life. I have been reading a lot of articles, late at night, while the kids are asleep. I have found inspiration and strength in prayer as well. I thrive to live life to the fullest, it’s my mission. To me, if I live life to the fullest and take reasonable risks, learn from mistakes and move on, my kids learn how to do this too. While I don’t like making too many drastic mistakes, it is up to me to define what drastic really is. I am the only one who knows myself, knows my children and knows what’s best for us all.

One way to learn to live life to the fullest of our ability is to ensure that you are not allowing others to make you feel negatively. As long as you are honest with your own self and others, then you need to stand firm in that. Life isn’t always easy, people do get hurt, you will get hurt, but you can’t dwell on those emotions for too long or else it will absorb you and in turn you wake up unable to look in the mirror at your own face. Do not let life ever get you to that point of inability to recognize yourself. That’s a bad place to be. It’s no good for you, it’s no good for anyone else around you.

One thing I have learned about life, is that you just have to do what’s best for you. Stop explaining and don’t fear what others may say or not understand. The best people in your life will support you, even if they disagree with you. Those are the type of people to keep yourself around, not people who just support you blindly, but those who are willing to cite their view on things while still supporting you.

Living life to the fullest involves; surrounding yourself with supportive people, never living in a way that makes you feel cowardly, and pushing forward once you realize what direction to go!


How to Make a Valid Decision and Follow Through

Many are faced with decisions to make every day, whether it be what to purchase for groceries, what items your children need or much bigger decisions such as divorce, we all have decisions to make on a daily basis. I decided that I would make an easy to follow list of how you can make a valid decision and follow through.

Because you know, I am like so good at that myself. {if you are sensing sarcasm, you are correct}

While I may not be great at following my own advice, and really, who is? I am very great at lending advice that if followed through with makes perfect sense and actually works out as a benefit to your life as you know it! Come along with me, amuse me if you will.

Read on …

How to Make Valid Decisions and Follow Through

Yes. No Maybe. We live in a world full of non-committal responses and actions. We fear to say YES and NO more and tend to lean closer to MAYBE. This is not okay. Maybe doesn’t get you anywhere. Except, well, honestly I firmly believe maybe will get you nowhere fast.

Okay, are you ready for my advice to start? I hope so. I really do. I need to feel as if I am helping someone because Spring is here and it’s time to turn over a new leaf!

  • Acknowledge that there is a Decision to be Made – Come face to face in the mirror with your own self and make a firm realization that things just have to change. A decision has to be formed, sooner rather than later.
  • Understand What Decision has to be Made – Take the scenario that you are faced with, a piece of paper, a pen and write down a pros and cons list of this decision you are faced with. Do not do this during times of high emotion or hormone fluctuations.
  • Share Pros and Cons with a Close Friend – Take your list of pros and cons with the decision written above it and ask a close friend if they feel your pros and cons list are truly valid enough to argue a point to make the decision you must make. Logic, emotions and a third unbiased person’s opinion matter in the decision making process.
  • Set a Date – Make yourself commit to a date that you have to address this decision by and do not back peddle. Stick with this decision, even if it’s the hardest decision you have ever made in your life. Setting a date allows you to take time to continue to think it out, rationalize with yourself and hold yourself accountable to take action.
  • Speak Truth and With a Matter of Fact Tone – This is a great tip for those deciding to divorce or end a friendship, we can notice if a person is using a confident “they have made their final decision tone” or not. Do not allow the other person to feel as if there is hope, room for them to change your mind or anything like that. Keep a matter of fact, this is how it is type of tone when speaking.
  • Be Sure to Address Valid Reasons for Decision – When making the decision be sure that you are dealing with it in regards to logistical reasons and emotions. Sometimes, depending upon the decision to be made you may have to weigh heavier on the emotional side than logistical side, but I am sure you can determine which type of decision this falls under.
  • Breath and Follow Through to the End- This is the last step, be sure to breath and move forward from here. Do not fear how the other person affected by your decision is going to respond because in all reality you are the one person who matters most and that goes to saying without being selfish. You are not selfish for putting your own needs/sanity/emotions/well being ahead of anyone else. Do not stop to look back, we only move forward in life!

These tips are pretty much great for any scenario but with some situations it may require a long process to completely finish and follow through with. The whole point to this post really is to …

Allow yourself to be important. Your needs and emotions are valid. Life is about living it to the fullest in your  happiest of ways, do not allow anyone else to make you question your own well being. It isn’t fun to hurt others, but sometimes in life we have to in order to find our true self and love our true self.

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48 Questions and Answers about Brandy Ellen

I saw this over at A Hen’s Nest who also saw this over at Look What Mom Found and so here I am sharing my 48 questions and answers with you all because it sounded like a fun weekend blog post!

Mom Snuggling with Son

I have my Mom’s middle name for my middle name but beyond that, no clue.

Last week, but it was from laughing so hard I cried.

I do not.

Smoked ham from the deli.

Yes, three – boys are 4 & 6 and daughter who is 10 going on 30.

Yes, I would.

Yes but it’s more of a delayed sarcastic response than witty sarcasm.



Yes I would, one thing I am trying to do is overcome various fears, one of which is a fear of heights.

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Learning About Myself & Others; Introvert vs Extrovert

I recently was shared an article on It’s My Life about Introvert and Extrovert. I really never gave these two words much thought before, but reading this blog post in the beginning I thought I am more of an extrovert with a bit of introvert qualities at times. Then I read more about introverts and extroverts.

Direct quote from It’s My Life {{totally me}}:

Did you know that extroverts recharge their energy by being around other people? It’s like we feed off the energy being put out. Most extroverts come home from parties buzzing and high on the collective energy they bathed in all night. Introverts on the other hand, are drained by being in public and recharge by being alone.

This may be a big reason why I love going grocery shopping and getting out to the store anytime I can to talk to other adults. I always get a buzz from simply talking to the people in the store, the cashier that waited on me, etc. The buzz from shopping interaction dims faster than that from a party or get together.

Having every area of my life revolve around kids and being inside of my house makes me feel drained. If I were to have more get togethers, friends over, etc I would feel recharged because that social interaction is what helps fuel my energy again. Right now I have noticed my positive energy is diminishing and well of course I partially blame it on my walking back into the past that always diminished my positive energy, I know that it’s because I have certain needs that need to be met. I have needs to be out there, with people, chatting, interacting face to face in order to feel something positive.

Another direct quote {{totally me}} {regarding extroverts}:

Sure, we’re loud and boisterous, but we’re still shy and insecure. We just hide behind our bravado.

This particular blog post has come to me in a time when I am faced with decisions to make again. You see I keep going back to a relationship that I probably shouldn’t be in, nor should he. I keep blaming myself for being so quick to say okay let’s come back together again.  I want to believe that it will work, however, the reason to me why this doesn’t work & drains me is because of the needs I have, as an extrovert . For me, I may find it hard to be with a person 100% like me. I think being with a person who is too close to a personality of mine will create a volatile situation, however, I do enjoy being with someone who enjoys being out and about like I do & loves to socialize. I have had great times with people who are high energy like me, but not sure if the high energy would be TOO much in my already high energy household!

I don’t know what I need in a relationship partner honestly, but I do know what I enjoy and what makes me energized … simply put it’s being able to have friends over for weekend fun. The relationship part of my life is really just a void, I have removed myself from the idea of relationships to get back to me again. Maybe this time I will stick with my gut feeling and stop worrying about hurting people’s feelings!

Gatherings or events outside of my home. Being near people as often as I can with or without kids that allows me to let my ramblings roam free out of my mouth instead of on paper all of the darn time is what I need more of to get back on balance with myself!

So …  the question is .. are you an Extrovert or an Introvert? And if you want hop on over to It’s My Life to read her post as she poses another question and interesting tidbits about this topic!

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