Firefox Sometimes Needs Medication!

I love when I get only the afternoons to work.  Seriously. Especially when I walk into my office to get some work done only to find out that Firefox had not taken it’s medication that day.

For instance, today I spent about an hour of my couple hours work time simply fixing Firefox and removing all of the crud Comcast tech’s put on my PC yesterday! Why do they have to install all of their Comcast crap onto my PC when you can easily access it all on their server over their internet connection when you log into there website? or whatever.

So today I fell out of love with Firefox as I had to remove and install the browser, but in all honesty I am a Firefox gal so I will give Firefox it’s pill and keep on using it because it is by far the only browser choice I have grown accustomed to being in love with.

You may now all move on with your day, I just had to share my rant with you all. Happy Wednesday, xoxo!

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The Must-Have Toolbar To Save Money

If you are like me, you are often searching for new ways or just plain old ways to save money. I captured a gimpse of TLC’s Extreme Coupon show and man is that crazy insane! I am not a coupon person, as I feel it would take me way too long to find coupons for things I actually need.

Today I was shown a new toolbar offer that you can install and get alerted instantly to money-saving coupons right from your toolbar. Enjoy super saving from the biggest brands when you visit your favorite retail sites!

I think this is a really neat tool that I plan to start using because I am game to test drive any way to make money or save money.

What do you think about this saving money toolbar?

Open Link in New Window

I was having a discussion the other day with a client who mentioned that she has all her links within websites open to a new window and we both laughed because it’s something we both know to make sure we do. Not everyone knows how to make a link open in a new window nor do they think of why each link on their website should open in a new window. So I thought what a great idea for a blog post! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some tips so here goes …

First off within most websites when you are clicking on the button to link text to a URL it will give an option called “target” and within the target options is usually a way to make link open in new window or new tab. When linking text to a URL you will also want to make sure that link is set to open in a new window or tab. This keeps users on your website longer, and if the link they clicked is something they don’t care for and close it right out … your page is lost when they have opened the link in the same window!

The longer someone stays on your site, the better! Seriously! As a blogger who does reviews and giveaways as well as offers advertising prices people want to see that others are spending quality time on your site and when all links open in same window visitors are leaving your site like wild fire and the bounce rate and visit time is changing to a bad number. This leads to poor visitor time and stats that no one is going to want to see let alone you, the blog owner, are not going to want to share those stats with anyone.

So next time you are linking anything on your website from affiliate ads to links to other websites, be certain to take the extra second to make the link open in a new window or new tab!

Questions For Thought: Do you make sure to have links open in new tab or new window? Is this something you recently started doing or have you know the benefits from doing this for a while now? Feel free to add your tips and reasons behind opening links in new window or new tab!

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Blog Comments

While working as a virtual assistant many have told me that they heard leaving blog comments is a great way to gain exposure to your site and increase traffic. I would have to say I do agree with this statement, but I only agree with this statement if you are actively reading the blog posts and leaving a genuine comment. For example don’t go over to 100 blogs and simply leave some basic comment like one I get in my SPAM box all the time here … “this is my first time here, you have some great content. I am sure to visit again”. I mean really? That is all you had to say? Obviously that person didn’t read my blog post they left this comment on OR they truly have no interest in returning but want to get their link on my page. The best way to truly increase your sites exposure and gain new loyal traffic is to only leave blog comments on blog posts that you truly have an opinion on or that truly touched you. Basically if you can engage in conversation with the blogger about that blog post, then you should leave a comment, otherwise, move on.

I read a lot of blogs, I happen to be a blogger who is addicted to other blogs. My inbox is filled daily with blog updates to read as I am uncertain how to use an RSS reader.  My to-do this week does involve learning to use the RSS reader (so if you see my unsubscribing from your blog via email, that means I figured out the RSS reader).  My plan is to transfer all of my email subscriptions over to an RSS reader, rather than waking up to an inbox full of blogs to read.

There is such a thing as blog comment karma, basically if someone leaves a comment on your blog you should do at least one of two things (preferably both if you can):

  1. Visit that persons website or blog and read at least one blog post, leaving a comment on your favorite post.
  2. Email reply to that person thanking them for stopping by and for their comment, or respond to a question they asked within their comment.

This will allow the blogger time to come back and see your site while leaving a comment for their favorite blog post. The circle will continue because then you should visit their blog. This is like a circle of blog comment karma :-)

I used to be so super fast at responding to comments and visiting those who I am lucky to have as loyal readers, but sometimes life gets in the way. It’s okay that life gets in the way and for this I propose that you still return the favor by visiting the persons blog within a few days of them leaving the comment.  My plan is to start designating one time every couple of days to go visit the blogs of those who left me a comment. This way I can get to know those who read my blog loyally on a higher level and in turn they may come back to read more here at Happily Blended and get to know me better as a person too!

Make it a Happy Day!

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