Just Not Feeling It

You can tell when I am in this rut, although I am not really feeling down and out because I have an amazing support system in my immediate life, I just feel different. It’s as if I am just in a daze, maybe it’s due to Papa passing and having to use all of my strength to be there for my oldest during her grieving process or maybe it’s simply because I have this tendency to make myself be stronger than I need to be.

The love in my life aka Lee, was telling me the other day that I do not have to be so strong all of the time, we all have a breaking point, we all have that one thing that puts us over the limit of what we can handle. I was also reminded that this man I love is my shoulder to cry on, he had zero issues with me crying all night long when I found out that Papa had passed. Did not matter that Papa is my ex boyfriends Dad, Papa to my daughter .. why? Because this man, Papa, was a part of my world, a part of my daughter’s world and Lee “gets that”. Lee is like my twin in many ways, but we are different enough to keep each other moving forward instead of getting stuck in a rut for too long.

Blah feeling

While I do not feel sad or down, I am just simply needing a moment or something, to breath, to cry, to write. Something. I am working on putting my finger on what it is I really need, but my work still needs to be done. So while writing on here is fun and therapy, there are reviews to be done, blog posts to be written and work to be completed for various freelance writing projects.

That is how it is. If I were to be a work outside of the home Mom, my job would require me to be back on game by now, I couldn’t sit and sulk and be in this blah state of mind. I would have to get up off of my butt and move forward. The other thing is, if I don’t whack out of this blah type personality or feeling, how am I showing my kids to move forward? That is what matters most, that I write to get things out of my head so I can be the role model I have always been for my kids.

While I am “just not feeling it”, I am “feeling”, I guess that is a good thing, right?!

Proud Mom Moments: Spelling Bee

mother and daughterMy daughter is such an overachiever, I think she is much like me in that we get our mind set on something and refuse to do anything but our absolute best. Sometimes my daughter really thrives to be perfect, and that part of her personality can drive me bonkers at time. The fact that Kiara always wants to succeed but is now more accepting of knowing that she should be proud to have done her best is great to see.

Today there was a spelling bee in town, and forgive me but I am not sure what grades did this. I do know that there were a lot of students who made it to the spelling bee and so many kids were spelling words I had to double think or could not even begin to spell on my own. The kids rocked!

It was down to three students, my daughter being one of them. I had tightened my fists, body tense…. and then it happened, my daughter was head to head with a fantastic partner in the Spelling Bee. Another girl who was brilliant too, the words were just flying off of the tongues so easily. I felt my body get more tense, a smile across my face, tears in my eyes. I knew that no matter if my daughter made first place, I was already so dang proud of her for making it this far in the spelling bee.

Then it happened, one word and of course I have no clue what that word is because I was too darn tense to even think about the word. My daughter and this other girl competed up until one spelled a word right, then that person who spelled the word right was given another word to spell. If that person spelled that word correct then he/she would be deemed the champion!

I am so happy for the family of the girl who made first place and so dang proud and happy for my daughter who made second place. What a fantastic parental moment, when that child you raised gets that high in a spelling bee. It was a great competition and so much fun, now do not mind me if I walk around with permagrin today for my daughter made second place in this spelling bee that she had studied for so hard! I am proud. I had tears, she had tears. Then we laughed because we had tears. I love my daughter and couldn’t be more proud of the person she is growing to be!

12 Days of Piggy in the City Contest

I am writing to share with you all a contest today, 12 Days of Piggy in the City Contest, being hosted by www.lowestrates.ca. The end of year season can get a tad bit stressful for some folks, whether it’s the piling up of end of year bills or gifts that you want to purchase for the relatives; tis the season to be stressed! LowestRates.ca wanted to find a way to give back, because not only is it the season where some get more stressed but it’s also the season of giving. Every year around the holidays some people get this sense of giving back mentality and do whatever they can to give to others so that they can enjoy this terrific season!


The answer to giving back this holiday season for LowestRates.ca was to host a fun contest, right now as I peeked the pot is at $110 and they wanted me to share with you some information about this contest, to get the word out to those in need this holiday season. Who couldn’t use a bit of extra cash this time of year? I know I could always use some extra cash.

How the 12 Days of Piggy in the City Works

The LowestRates.ca team is happy to help and is very excited to announce our very first contest, “12 Days of Piggy in the City”.  For a chance to win up to $500 towards their next mortgage payment, their car insurance, or their credit card balance, entrants will have to guess the location and landmark of 12 unique photos that our mascot, Piggy, will be featured in.

Pay Attention To How it Works …

  • One photo will be posted each day from December 13th to December 24th
  • Entrants must guess the landmark in the picture
  • Submissions open at 12:00AM EST and close at 11:59PM EST, 72 hours/3 days after the photo is posted. For example, the December 13th photo submission would close at 11:59PM on December 15th
  • Submissions are accepted only on Lowest Rate’s Facebook page
  • The prize pool starts at $0 and increases by $1 with each additional entry until it reaches $500.  Tell your friends about this!
  • The entrant with the most correct responses will be selected as winner on Christmas Day
  • If there is a tie, a winner will be selected through a draw on Christmas Day

There is more to learn about this contest, Enter the 12 Days of Piggy in the City contest, read the official rules and terms & conditions of the 12 Days of Piggy in the City prior to taking my blog post as word for the contest. I am simply the passer on of information to y’all, not the person in control of hosting this contest.

The Night Owl Inside Makes for Creative Mind

I am a night owl, always have been and probably always will be. It’s just something about the quiet night time hours that really assists in allowing your mind to wander and then settle upon those questions you have through out the day about where life is heading. Once my children are fast asleep I find it difficult to settle down to bed right away, usually I am awake past midnight writing blog posts or, as of recently, reading a good book.

Now that both of my sons actually sleep through the night on a more consistent basis I am able to indulge in some “me time” once they are asleep in their bunk bed.  Late night is the time when my mind wanders and I start writing parts of my various manuscripts for my some day to be published novels and my creative side really comes out during such silent times.  I just wish my creative night owl mind could wrap around one manuscript so that I didn’t have to weed through various novel topics and could truly finish one someday soon.

No matter what happens during the day, no matter how exhausted I am, once my kids are asleep this Mama gets a burst of energy that refuses to allow my mind to settle down to bed at a decent hour.

Drawing a Blank But I Played with My Webcam

I sit down in my office fingers ready to type and yet my mind is drawing a complete blank. What will I write about?

I started reading some magazines recently to give me some writing juice, yet tonight I just can’t seem to find the will to write.

I have some funny stories about the kids and such but yet I can’t seem to write.

So … I look at pictures and search for something to intrigue me and all I came up with was this …

and this …

I played with my web cam the other day, silly me had no clue it took still pics!

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