At Least the Kids Enjoy the Snow

Enjoying the Great OutdoorsI have three kids, two boys who are four and six as well as one daughter who is ten. My oldest and youngest would live in the snow, if I let them. Staying outside until every limb is just about frozen to waddle inside for some hot cocoa is a normal thing around this house in the Winter time with my oldest and youngest. My middle child on the other hand, does not prefer to be in the snow, while he loves to slide, he only lasts at most maybe twenty minutes outside with his siblings. Guess he takes after his Mama who prefers to hibernating during the NH Winter months.

My oldest and youngest will sit at this picnic table during the NH Winter months making snow balls to have a snow ball fight or to build their own little fort underneath this picnic table. My middle child will help on occasion for a tiny bit of time until he either gets too cold or feels his sister is being a “big fat bossy meanie”. I just love how siblings adore each other.

Kids Sliding in NH WinterAll three kids do enjoy sliding from time to time, and in case you did not notice, each picture I shared here was taken from the warmth of my home out of a window from the house. Yes, I am serious, I do not do snow nor cold nor Winter in NH. I really try to avoid going outside at all costs, for the most part.

The kids have multiple areas to slide, but this particular hill is one that my sister and I slid down as young children. This is a hill that used to fly you almost to the pond, but has lost it’s will power since the lawn is bumpier than it was back when I was a child here. The kids enjoy racing down this hill on their sleds to see who can make it the furthest. I love watching them from the window for two reasons; 1) I get to take pictures and enjoy their happiness and 2) because I can make sure they are safely sliding out back.

Do you love the snow? Do your kids love it more than you or are you a Winter addict, unlike me?

A Christmas Tree Story

Saturday we headed out on the road to get a Christmas tree, everyone was bundled up and ready to go. It was a hard process getting the kids ready to leave as Baby K wasn’t used to wearing a big winter jacket and AJ seems to think every time we say it’s time to go somewhere that he actually has an option to stay home alone, but we did it and they were all bundled up …

Children Dressed Up For Winter

This picture was taken just as we arrived at this wonderful Christmas tree farm. My husband and I were shocked to see that this farm still had their trees as pick your own and the price hasn’t gone up in all the years we have been going there, still $10 to pick your own and cut down your own tree.  We were very happy that the price hadn’t changed, but shocked because with the rising costs of everything it seems everyone else was raising the price of their Christmas trees.

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