Creating a Beautiful Look Without Spending a Lot in Home

Creating a beautiful interior of your home does not have to cost a lot of money nor take a lot of changes.  There are some people who thrive on change in their lives on a regular basis, some want a new car every so many years while others need to rearrange or decorate their home each season for a bit of a change in their lives. While change is good, change does not have to be too costly nor require too many adjustments to feel fresh and new.

Some options for changing up your interior presentation of your home could be as simple as trying new window blinds. A color variation, such as going from white to a green or a brown color may make you feel as if there’s been enough change inside of the home to make you feel warm. Brighter colored window blinds may make you feel as if Spring and Summer are closer, a great change for those who are struggling with the hardship of Winter months.


In all honesty, whether you choose to rearrange your furniture, purchase new interior appliances or simply switch out those old blinds for new ones, a change that comes with the season of Spring cleaning will make you feel bright, warm and get your mind off this Winter season that seems to be never ending.

Whatever changes you choose to make, there are options from free to cheap to expensive, it’s all a matter of knowing who you are, what changes need to be made to make you feel better about life in this moment. If different color or style of window blinds is a simple change to make you feel warm and sunshiney, then do it. If you need to change up where furniture is in your home, do it. Just know that everyone requires a slight change in their life every so often and that is perfectly fine!

I am Obssessed with Blinds and Covered Windows

I am a bit OCD about one thing, okay maybe a couple of things, but my biggest OCD moment is ensuring that all of the windows are covered when darkness falls upon the Earth each night. I have always been someone who will tack up a towel or blanket on a window if no curtains or blinds are there because I just do not like the idea that it’s dark out there and light in here.

Chances are that there are only wild life, such as the three deer who frequent my yard, staring into the windows at me, but I don’t care. In my mind all of my windows must be covered because that makes me feel safe and secure. I love that there are so many blind options for windows and blinds tend to be something I would be more apt to purchase over curtains for the main house windows.

The reason I much prefer blinds over curtains is because they are quick and easy to pull up and put down, while curtains are great ways to encourage my curious little one to hang from. Yes, K man loves to hang from curtains and it drives me BONKERS. So each time I can replace a curtain with a blind it leaves me with one less headache or situation with the little one.

Do you prefer blinds or curtains, how about OCD issues, anything that you have to just deal with each day or else it literally drives your mind crazy?

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