Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas You Can Do Yourself

I recall when I got married it was a simple wedding, no real decor or any sort of theme. A simple backyard wedding with close family and friends in attendance. The daughter was the flower girl and ring bearer because Aj was far too young to be the ring bearer. My father walked me down the “aisle” which was just the backyard grass … nothing special. It was simple and fine by me, however, some people spend years planning those perfect weddings.

For those who plan their wedding ceremony in advance and really put thought into having a theme of decor for not only the centerpieces, but for the guests required attire, I applaud you. I could never be that person, ever. Being that I am divorced, I can say that some day I may get married again, I would still never plan anything beyond a simple wedding. It is who I am as a person, however, with that being said, I wouldn’t mind creating my own cute centerpieces for the table guests sit at or the reception table where food is place.

Floating Candle

One of the ideas I had for a centerpiece that would look fabulous at any wedding would be a floating candle setup – I am amazed at the beauty of candles but a floating candle dish? That amazes me even more and you can create a beautiful floating candle centerpiece with little to no work and planning while still having it look simply breath taking. Whatever the budget you may be working within or the ideas you have for a themed, fully planned wedding – I can say this – remember that you can save money by doing a lot of things your own self and still have the most beautiful, memorable wedding ever.

A Fantastic Family Weekend

With no pictures taken, well there was this one picture taken but it’s not really something I am going to place up here. I didn’t get a picture of my cousin in her wedding dress at the wedding reception we went to Saturday but let me just tell you she was gorgeous! You see my cousin got married in Las Vegas on August 3rd of this year and held a wedding reception for family and friends at our family farm where my father lives on Saturday evening.

I was unable to get my daughter to attend with us as she had plans with her father and it was his weekend with her but Justin had the night off from work and was able to go with the boys and me. I was excited and nervous about going because after all my Dad’s side of the family is absolutely HUGE and I barely know most of them, but it turned out to be an amazing night. The bride and groom looked so cute as newly weds and I hope they have a wonderfully long lasting marriage together full of happiness and strength to make it through all of life’s challenges!

I was able to mingle with so many adults and my sons were able to play with the next generation of cousins that I am sure will spend lots of time seeing each other on the farm and playing! Mostly boys, which was sort of scary think about. There was one little girl there but the rest were boys and they all got along really well running around, bashing balloons, playing tag, swinging and sliding! Baby K fell off of the monkey bar ladder and went backwards which totally scared me but he was okay. It was amazing that with myself, Justin and my father right there none of us were able to catch him in time.

As the event started going further into the evening hours I had my sister make me a few drinks, which I later regretted because let’s just say I am not used to drinking liquor.

I was happy to see family in the light I like to see a family, the ups and downs, the smiles, the laughter and the hugs and kisses! That is why I love attending events on my father’s side of the family because no matter what you do, say or how unique you are no one judges you or looks down upon you. It’s like no matter whether you are blood related or best friends of the family you are welcomed there with open arms and that is my kind of family!

Congrats cuz I wish you and your new beau a wonderful life together and hope to see you guys again soon!

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