The Weather is not so Frightful

I was thinking about the weather when the Winter time song came into mind, “the weather is oh so frightful but the fire inside is delightful. Since we no place to go … let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” then I realized ummm it’s like close to Summer weather outside.

The weather has been so amazing and awesome, it’s like 80 degrees and I have had the sprinkler on for the kids multiple times now. It’s a beautiful day today as well, slight breeze with warm sunshine shining down upon us.

I think I will enjoy the great outdoors and hope for no tick sightings. Had a huge tick sighting the other day, ticks freak me out!

Tis the season for sunshine, bugs and the pond. The pond has come to life .. I am signing off to go catch some frogs, salamanders and maybe even a tadpole or turtle for the kids to check out today before returning them back to the pond.

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s Nice, Go Outside, Seriously!

Ever hear those words from your parents growing up? If it was a nice day then you got your butt outside and played. Didn’t matter what you did outside, just that you got out there because there was no need for any indoor play if the weather called for a beautiful outdoor fun time.  Spring has sprung around here so if it isn’t raining too bad then I tell the kids that we are going outside to enjoy the nice weather. If I don’t sound like my parents when I tell them, especially Aj, that there is no indoor board game playing, no electronics , no nothing except fun outside. Aj is the one who has a hard time playing various things outside. Aj doesn’t much care for riding bikes, swinging isn’t his thing either and honestly unless you are walking a nature trail for a short period of time he doesn’t really care for that either.

Get Outside and Play

My other two kids love being outside, K-man is often found racing his bike up and down the driveway and running around outside being all crazy and using his imagination. I have rarely seen a nice day, or even a snowy day, where K-man does not want to go outside to do something. My daughter picks and chooses but for the most part truly enjoys the great outdoors as well.

Running in the sun

That is why this past weekend when the weather was awesome we all enjoyed outdoor time; between racing bicycles down the hill in the backyard to walking our trail down back to the river and even a visit to an awesome playground in Newbury, NH – we had a fun filled family weekend. The boyfriend and his kids came along and it was fun for all.

So …. are you a parent who says get outside and joins the kids or do you not really care for the outside much like my middle child?

Are you Thinking About Air Conditioning yet?

Of course here in NH we are about to get hit with some more snow, March likes to really keep by it’s reputation of “in like a lion and out like a lamb” now doesn’t it?! So while I may not be really thinking about duct cleaning hamilton for my air ducts in my home, because Winter is nearly over and I do not have air ducts for a central air conditioning station in my home, others may be thinking about how they will keep their home cool and their air in home clean during the warm weather months.

Air Duct Cleaning

No matter where you are located, soon warm weather will be sprouting it’s way into our lives and that sunshine will feel so wonderful warming our bodies. Once done being warmed by that sunshine though, I bet you will wish to have an air conditioned home to cool off in because it’s best to only enjoy that heat for so long.  Making sure your air conditioner is ready for the warm weather is important for the next few months, you want to make sure that any air conditioning repair hamilton is done as soon as possible to ensure that when that sunshine heat hits your area that you can cool off when needed.

Content Disclosure

The Dead of Winter – Furnaces and Plumbing Talk

Here in New Hampshire we have snow and cold for winter time, not sure what the weather is like in your area during the winter months, but NH winters do require some form of heating to get through it without dying of being frozen to death. Here we have a furnace that runs oil heat, believe it’s forced hot air or hot water, anyways there are registers that push out the heat and keep us nice and toasty. Overall where I live now has a pretty reliable furnace system, but in my 1945 home that I used to own, that was an insanely old, worn down furnace that would sometimes crap the bed. That would require a technician to visit and give it life again, that totally sucks. Thankfully there are many places and options to get a furnace as well as a tech, maybe where you live you have to look at calgary furnaces. Whatever location and furnace type you need, rest assure knowing there are options out there.

The same goes for plumbing, nothing worse than having a pipe freeze due to cold weather and a broken furnace only to have to find a calgary plumber to fix the job. Frozen water pipes bursting is a sad reality of life when you do not insulate your pipes properly! Water freezes, expands and then blows up, leaving your home or work place covered in major water damage.

One can never be too safe, your best bet is to keep up with regular maintenance around your home to ensure you are not left in the cold or with a water mess this winter season!

Reflecting on the Years Events

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

On New Years Eve, before going out to celebrate there is always a show that comes on that shows the best, worst, changes and information about what had happened in the past year. It is a really interesting show to watch, because when you see some of the topics, it seems like it was so long ago. Each channel may host their own version of it, but they are pretty similar as to reflecting back, which can be watch on Cable TV Comparison. The best ones to watch are the long ones that last for more than half an hour. They include weather disasters, which sometimes one may not have realized that there were so many of them around the globe. This year’s earthquakes, floods and bad weather will be followed by how the weather outlook will be for the year to come, which is also interesting. They explain how it may be hotter in the area where you live and may experience a drought for that year. Excellent information for farmer and those who depend on making a living that the weather can affect. Although there is nothing that can be done about a drought, being prepared may help save the crops knowing what may be coming.

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