Kids Who Prefer One Parent Over the Other

I firmly believe that every child, even as an adult, has a favorite parent, not really because they are their “favorite” by normal definitions, but because it’s the parent that they can relate closer to, maybe it’s the parent they are just more comfortable talking to, or maybe it’s the parent who is more fun. Whatever the reasons, I firmly believe we all have that “favorite” parent and my kids are no exception.

The older two kids pick and choose, having moments in their lives when they favor Dad over me or me over Dad. There isn’t really a rhyme nor reason to it, it’s just how it is. And that is okay. The youngest, however, is a Daddy’s boy big time. That is by far his favorite parent. It’s not that he doesn’t love his Mama, because I know he loves me very much, but for some reason he is just more of a Daddy’s boy. And that is okay.

Even though I am okay with that and can accept it, I will admit it can hurt my feelings at times. Such as when I go to the school and am waiting outside so happy to see my little boy after a couple of hours away from him and he doesn’t appear to return that same level of feeling. Preschool is new this year, so being apart from my youngest for a couple of hours four days a week for school is hard on me at times. I miss him.

Sadly, most days it doesn’t fully appear that he misses me. At the school when the children from his preschool class walk out of the school doors, each runs happily to their parent(s). Excited to see their parents and talk about their wonderful time at preschool. My son, does not do that. There is no big happy smile to see Mama. There is no big hug.

There is a back pack thrown at the ground or at me. A serious look. And off he goes running for the car if I don’t get his hand quick enough. It does make me a tiny bit sad, but I know when we get home he is smiling, telling me all about his day. Happy to curl up on the recliner with me and share what happened in school. I just wish he was like that right after school. He is not. And it hurts my sensitive heart to not have that happy, excited to see his Mama child after preschool lets out.

Does your child have a “favorite” parent? One that he/she seems to prefer over the other?

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