Reaping the Benefits of Working Out – Vlog

Here is my video blog update regarding what I feel everyone can reap from doing a daily workout routine or exercise routine. For me, working out daily has three rewards and in this vlog I share them with you all.

Get up. Get Moving. Get that heart beating and get healthier today!

This is the program I use on my Wii to get fit –

I Never Had That Thought of What If With Blogging and Vlogging

I have random conversations with people about blogging and vlogging (video blogging) because after all so many want to know what it is I do to work from home while raising three kids. I am not rich, I do not get huge search engine traffic just yet, but I do earn a decent revenue from my blogs and videos to survive.  I would never tell another person they are going to live lavishly on a blog income, but some do. You can succeed if you put your mind to it and devote time to creating good content, or like me just get lucky and have people love who you are as an honest, loyal, fun person.

One thought that is shared with me from various people is “what if people don’t like what I have to say or write?”. I never had that thought. Ever.

When people say that to me, my positive optimistic mind kicks in and I promptly reply that they will have people who want to hear what they have to say. Maybe not right away but if they have something to put out there in this world, they are real and they love what they do, people will hear and read the passion behind their voice and flock to read or listen to what they have to say.

Take me, for example, I don’t really feel like I do a whole lot, I am simply writing because I have a love for writing. Sure I published a book with my daughter in June and sure I have been writing and vlogging since 2008 but when I started I had no clue if anyone would listen, if anyone would care. Over the years, I have seen that people do care and people do love me. Not everyone, but just enough people do.


I am not blogging or vlogging to win a popularity contest, I am doing this because I feel that sharing my world, my thoughts and my experiences in life, love and parenting may help others. I have done a lot in my life, both good and bad, I have grown and when others watch good people grow they love to learn more and they thrive to be better themselves. I am not here to get rich, I am not here to worry about who loves me, hates me or likes me, I am here spreading my message and my life because I love to do it.

Blogging and vlogging pushes me to do better and always reach higher for myself and my children. I am thankful for those who read this, for those who watch my videos and for those who don’t? That is okay. I am not worried about those who don’t want to hear me or see me, I am just grateful for those who do. So if you are thinking about putting a message out there, you have something to say, then move forward and just do it, do not look back and I promise good things will come as long as you stay true to who you are!

Holding Myself Accountable with Daily Vlogs About Workout

I am doing the 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active on my Wii yet again. I have never truly finished this challenge, I don’t believe, which is why I will be recording daily vlogs on my YouTube Chanel to keep everyone updated and to make sure I hold myself accountable to continue on in this challenge.

Not only am I updating here and on YouTube but my full inches lost, weight lost, etc can be found on Moms Vacation Land so be sure to subscribe to the various areas to get your updates, you can click Subscribe on YouTube, you can  click here to subscribe to HB and click here to subscribe to MVL, the choices are email or RSS. These subscriptions only come once a day if you subscribe via email!

My YouTube Rambling Vlog: Haircut and Boys

I don’t know why but lately it’s been easier for me to ramble on my YouTube Channel than to sit here and write any good blog posts, probably because I have a ton going on in the personal world right now.

So today I invite you to listen to my ramblings about my new haircut and how to get my boys to stop wanting to eat so much, all day long!


Family Rules: Giving my Children a Voice {video}

Most people know that I am an open, honest person. I say the mistakes I make, I share with the world my honest opinions, mainly about parenting and children. It seems my voice online, that reflects my voice in person, has been heard as it is meant to be heard – open & honest & above all REAL. Here is a video blog {vlog} about my simple family rules:

What type of rules do you have in your household? Do you have an open forum in your house, where kids feel comfortable speaking to you about the happy, the sad and the ugly?

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