Tis the Season for Christmas Lights and I am Excited

What is the one thing that makes me smile during the Christmas season? Well Christmas lights of course. My daughter and I work hard together based on budget and our likes for the specific year to create a masterpiece on our home. From lights around the deck to Christmas lights across the eaves of the home, we do all we can afford to do every Christmas Season.

Home of Christmas Spirit Cornish NH

Each year we also go to visit The Home of Christmas Spirit in Cornish, NH where a family is all dressed up as elves, Mrs Claus and Santa. It’s a wonderful display of Christmas lights for everyone to enjoy with a hot cup of cocoa and snacks. Every year we donate our change into their donation bucket because we want this display of Christmas spirit to never go away, it’s a family tradition! With that being said, I am sure doing such a huge display costs a lot of money and that is why, about this time of year, I start searching online for great deals for Christmas lights. There is a website that offers all sorts of Christmas decor and lights, that website is christmaslightsetc.com. They have a sale for Veteran’s Day weekend going on right now too, so I am surfing to see what I can find for deals.

The best thing about Christmas to us is really that spirit of Christmas, it’s what keeps Santa’s sleigh bringing gifts for all of the children all over the world and it’s what warms the heart of my family and others. Displaying Christmas lights outside of your home, or even inside, keeps the spirit alive every single Christmas season. There was one year that I was unable to afford to do a whole lot of lighting outside, but that didn’t keep us from place at least one set of lights up outside. There is no better feeling than driving into your driveway, after dark, and being warmed with the welcoming of Christmas lights shining brightly.

Wake Up It’s Monday …..

Get moving forward it’s another week and another day. Let’s get started, oh wait. Many of you may have today off. I know there is no school for two days here, so it will be all about the kids today and tomorrow in the Happily Blended household.

In preparation for a busy couple of days I need my coffee fix. Each day I wake up and need my coffee but one thing I have noticed that even from just one cup of coffee, granted it’s a 16oz cup of coffee, I get jitters. I am bouncing. Pace around and around and apparently talk so fast no one can understand me.

Maybe it’s time for me to take a little break from coffee, or just slow down on how much I drink. Whatever. Coffee is yummy and gets me going to keep up with these hyper children. So today, I wish you all a Happy Monday and Happy Veteran’s day too. Thank you to those who have served our country!

This Moving Stuff is Crazy

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day so my husband wasn’t working and we spent most of the day moving his big items out of the house into the garage so that he can have an easier time moving a week from Sunday. I tell you this moving stuff is making me insane.

First, I am a detail orientated person, must be organized and can’t stand having items out of order. Moving is certainly not my thing, although I have enjoyed moving many times in my life since age 17, I am the type of person who can’t stand having boxes or items laying out without a “home”. Now that my husband is moving out and we are separating I find myself with very little items. I was a single Mom for many years before committing to my husband, I dated a little bit here and there, I was dating someone almost a year but nothing ever turned as serious as my husband and I did. Most of the items in my home were mine and I had life set up the way I liked it.

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