Blending Kids and Husband On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has traditionally been thought of as a holiday for couples to celebrate their love. However, once a couple forms a family, this celebration of love takes a new meaning. Mothers often want to make it a special day for their children as well as their spouse and finding a balance that includes details to make it special for each member of the family is important.

Of course, moms cannot be forgotten on this special day, especially since they are the ones who often worry most about making sure each member of the family feels the love.


Fathers and children should remember to show how much mom means to them. It is really important to celebrate mom, who is often forgotten. Kids can create cards with sweet, unforgettable messages inside or buy her some small gift with their allowance. Another gift that mom usually loves is a gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to her on this special day. Whether ordered from the florist down the street or from an online retailer like, mothers love receiving flowers and feeling special and recognized on this day.

The Children

Families can enjoy Valentine’s Day together by decorating for it. Making homemade crafts, like heart garlands, to hang around the home and speaking about the importance of love with the children is a great way to instill why it is important to celebrate love, not just for couples but for whole families. provides ideas for celebrating with the kids, which include serving the kids an early dinner with a Valentine’s Day theme, creating a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and reading books and watching kid movies about the holiday.

The Couple

Married couples should celebrate Valentine’s Day to reconnect and show their spouse their love. Once the kids are in bed after their Valentine’s Day fun, parents can return temporarily to their life as a couple before kids and perhaps have a romantic candle-lit dinner with the couple’s favorite dishes and dessert at home.

If they can get a sitter, Valentine’s Day is also a good date night occasion. Reservations can be made at a fancy restaurant or the couple can visit a favorite one that brings back memories of the time spent falling in love.

Couples can set rules ahead of time of just talking about each other and enjoying each other’s company, without dwelling on all the distractions that every day life provides. This day is also an opportunity to give a gift to a loved one. The important thing is that each spouse can show their significant other just how much they’re loved. From a chocolate candy bar to a pair of diamond earrings, the ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts are practically unlimited, especially once the handmade gifts are factored in.

Valentine’s Day is a day for the whole family to celebrate. But just like parents often make an effort to make such a day special for the kids, they also need to make an effort to make it special for their significant other.

Valentine’s Day Is Just Around the Corner

Most people who know me know that I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day but trying to get in the spirit of hearts, candy and love this year. At least a tiny bit … and since I may not always have celebrated this holiday with anything special, I do realize some of my readers may celebrate in their own little way. With that being said, it’s important for me to share tips, ideas, and coupons with you all to ensure that you remember Valentine’s Day is not all about the commercialized products and going broke, it’s about showing love in a way that is unique to you and that special person.

Sharis Berries Valentines Day Gift

One of the more popular gift ideas I had received years ago, as a young single Mom to my daughter was chocolate covered strawberries. I recall one year getting white chocolate and melt chocolate covered HUGE strawberries, that is when I found out that I am not a huge chocolate covered strawberry fan but will gladly eat the chocolate off of the strawberry and then eat the strawberry afterwards. The kids, on the other hand, absolutely would love for me to get them a huge gift of chocolate covered strawberries or even cherries. I personally prefer chocolate covered cherries, if I had to choose.

There are many discount codes online that can assist you in getting that love of your life something special while staying within spending budgets. Money is tight for many these days and that is why spending a ton of money to show your love makes no sense. You could save money with coupon codes for Shari’s Berries chocolate covered fruit by utilizing their online discounts their site among others offer this time of year.

Valentine’s Day Done Right

Despite your protest to this holiday, love is in the air. People love Valentine’s Day for everything it represents: love. When you have a special someone, it is important to do Valentine’s Day right. Don’t do it halfway, and don’t try to talk yourself out of it. Simply embrace your inner romantic and enjoy this blissful day full of happiness, romance and love.

Start the Day Off with Breakfast in Bed

Get up before her and make breakfast. Set it on a tray and bring her breakfast in bed. Buy one red rose, put it in a tall, skinny vase and bring it on the tray as well. It starts the day off right and sets her up for the romantic day that you have planned for her. Make sure to wake her up with enough time for her to relax and enjoy the meal that you have made.

Surprise Her with Flowers at Work

There are plenty of businesses around you can find specializing in plants and flowers. Order flowers a week before and schedule them to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. She will love the surprise at the office. It will make her feel special and loved. She’ll love showing off your romantic side as people ask who bought the beautiful bouquet. You can buy traditional roses, but for a more romantic touch, send her a bouquet of her favorite flower. It will set her apart from everyone else receiving gifts at the office.

Plan a Nice Dinner and a Gift

After the two of you get back home from work, whisk her away for a romantic dinner for two. Make reservations weeks in advance to ensure that you two have a table. Spots will fill up fast, so it’s important not to wait until the last minute. Give her a present while you’re waiting for your desert. Remember, this is Valentine’s Day. Don’t think practically, think romantically. Jewelry is a go-to gift for many, but there are other ways to be romantic too. You can do something relating to a memory or an inside joke that the two of you have together.

Valentine’s Day is about romance, and no amount of commercialism or despise you may have toward the holiday is going to keep it from happening. So, if you can’t beat them, join them. Go all out this Valentine’s Day. Do it right and make your significant other feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Valentine’s Day Is the Next Holiday

Yes, most know I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day and the last time I tried to the other person didn’t really do anything so I felt sort of like a fool. This year though I am trying to have a more festive opinion on Valentine’s Day because, well I am a romantic type person when I want to be.  It’s always great to plan ahead and so I am sharing a fantastic code to save 15% on CardStore –

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I recently wrote about this company, Cardstore in November for Thanksgiving and holiday cards. Now you can use Cardstore’s coupon code shared above to save money and send a card to a loved one.

The lover

When I used Cardstore, I sent a cute thinking of you this Fall season type card to my Great Grandmother who in turn wrote back to me thanking me for such a lovely card! I think this would be a cute way to show that loved one you care this Valentine’s Day, don’t have a partner in life? Well send one to the kids, I know my kids LOVE getting mail!

Celebrate Your Loved One All Year Round

Is it just me or does everyone seem to agree that we should not celebrate our love for one person in one day, it should be something we celebrate all year through?

For me, Valentine’s Day has always been just another day. Never having celebrated, this year I did buy my special someone a cute, loving personalized mug but overall this is a day that hasn’t ever been celebrated by me.

Some say Valentine’s Day is just a commercialized day, a day for people to be encouraged to spend money they don’t have to spend on random signs of love for their significant other. Others will say it’s a special, loving day for their family filled with heart shaped pancakes, breakfast in bed and maybe even a night off from cooking in the kitchen.

Whatever your thoughts are regarding Valentine’s Day I think that you need to check out 7 Creative Ideas to Express Your Love All year Round as a way to find ideas to show your loved one how much they truly mean to you all year through.

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