ModParent Looking to Give Back With Clean Water

Did you know that more than a BILLION people are without clean drinking water? This is according the stats on ModParent is seeking to help resolve this issue, clean water is vitally important to a long lasting life, after all most of our bodies are made up of water.

ModParent has stepped up to give back 10% of all it’s marketplace profits to help this cause and has partner up with charity:water to get this fabulous charity work moving forward.

What is ModParent?

A website dedicated to sharing the best savings and deals in the baby industry to everyone. You can like them on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest or head over to today to learn more about them.

This is a great way to give back while you save money. Love it. Have you used ModParent’s site before?

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Bundled Services from Whitefence

Today I am going to share with you some information about Whitefence, a free service that helps people who are moving or looking to find the best deals on phone, High speed Internet, Broadband Internet, television, electricity, natural gas and other home services. By simply entering a street address into the secure site, people looking to save money or start new service can find the most comprehensive list of plans available for their specific address from over 400 nationally recognized partners. As a trusted home service shopping source for 24 million people annually, WhiteFence makes it easy to establish service directly on the site in a few simple steps.

When you’re planning a move, using WhiteFence to help you find the most affordable Bundled Packages in your new area can certainly help to alleviate worries around utility pricing and whether you’re finding the best deal for your family. WhiteFence’s free service is just one way to help remove the additional stress from price shopping on your own. I know I personally have both a Home Phone in addition to a cell phone and my home phone carrier may not be available in a different region or town – WhiteFence would make the switching process easy and hassle-free.

Overall it seems that WhiteFence can definitely help alleviate the nightmare that price shopping can create, and seeing as it’s a free service I say why not give it a test drive and see how they can assist you with your next move or transfer of current service providers.

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Are You Serious

I went to the bathroom the other night and walked out to see this …

finicky catYes that is my baby kitten, yes he is on my stove, yes I left a pan with some water and corn from dinner on it … no he is not suppose to be on the stove, yes I squirted him with water … and YES he went back up there again.

Mind you this kitten has a full bowl of fresh food and water, but for some reason seems to think that being on the counters to sip out of our water cups or steal Baby K’s food is acceptable … a squirt bottle doesn’t work, nothing … any suggestions on how to break this kitten of his naughty habit?!

By the way, this kitty is still being called “Baby Kitty” because we have called him it so long that even my daughter who wants to call him Snowball calls him Baby Kitty.

Make it a Happy Day!

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