Happy Birthday to my First Born

Happy 12th Birthday to my First Born

Today, 12 years ago, this beautiful baby was born to me. I loved her from the moment I saw her, held her, nursed her. I never knew how much a mother could love a child until she was placed upon me in that hospital bed. I remember wondering how you connect so deeply with a child, as a parent, but there was no question about it happening when this girl was born after around 38 hours of labor. She was a stubborn child, took forever to get her out of me. Finally, I pushed her out and I have been […]

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It’s More than 52 Cards, It’s a Conversation

One day I woke up and my first born was nearing that age of adolescence. No longer was she that sweet little angel of a girl I knew at age 2, she was nearing 10 years old and for the past four years I had noticed changes in her. I knew that she would be starting her hormone changes earlier than I did and that scared me, in more ways than one. Having been very close as mother and daughter, I trusted that my daughter would come to me with anything that she had on her mind. Being that I […]

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