Should You Attempt Your Own Car Repairs?

Repairing your own car is something that many people do not even consider. They automatically take the car in to the garage for a repair when it needs doing and do not think about attempting it themselves. However, there are a lot of good reasons why it might be a good idea to do your own car repairs. You will save money of the labour cost, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you did the work, you may save time and it will be more convenient.


The labour cost of the car repair can be really high. If your vehicle needs a lot of repairs, then you can find yourself struggling to manage to afford it. You may even find that you are resorting to payday loans or other forms of credit in order to pay for it. This could end up with you being in greater financial trouble. If you do the repair yourself, you will still have to pay out for the parts, but it could save a lot of money on labour.

Job Satisfaction

It can be extremely satisfying to repair your own car. You could feel really proud of yourself for being able to get that job done. Learning the skills to repair a car can be extremely useful and so they can be used for all future vehicles that you have. It can be great to be able to tell people that you repair your own vehicle.


It can take longer for a car to be repaired in a garage than if you do it yourself. It can be sitting in a long queue at a garage whereas you may be able to get on with the repair straight away. You may have to learn how to do it, perhaps using a manual or an online video, but this will not take you long. You may also be slower at doing the repair, but you may still get the vehicle finished more quickly. Again, this is because you may have to wait for others to be done first.


It can be much easier for you to do a repair yourself than to have to get the vehicle to a garage to get them to do one. If it cannot be driven, then you may need to pay for it to be towed. Then you will have to find a way to get to the garage to pick it up, which may mean asking friends or family to give you a lift or perhaps paying for public transport. This can be extremely inconvenient.

Personal Injuries Means Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many mishaps in this world and the one that leaves you with a personal injury requiring you to hire a personal injury lawyer such as Boone And Davis may make it difficult. The reason I say difficult is because choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case may prove to be more challenging than anything else in your whole life. Except of course dealing with the personal injury in itself.

When looking for lawyers, here are some great tips on how to find the perfect for you lawyer -

Offer Free Consultation

Most lawyers these days will offer someone a free consultation and during which time they can better talk about your case and whether or not they feel you have a winning battle. Consultations can give you time to feel the lawyer’s attitude and personality out as well to ensure you are choosing a lawyer with a similar attitude to you, which only makes working with them in the court room easier.

Location and Hours of Operation

Depending upon how badly you have been injured you may wish to find a lawyer who can come to you rather than making you travel distances to have your client/lawyer meetings. Also, if you prefer to go with a more local lawyer or one that is advertised heavily on television this would be something to think about. I think location and hours of operation, meaning whether the lawyer can work around your schedule or not will be vitally important to ensure you both have enough meetings together to cover your personal injury claim.

Price of Service

If you have just suffered from a personal injury event in your life then I am sure you do not want to go broke trying to fight for whatever it is you feel you are entitled to from the injury. If a lawyer takes fees based on final judgement or hourly rate during each meeting, that may be something that will sway you to one lawyer over the other. I have seen that most lawyers for big cases like this take a chunk of the settlement after case is won rather than charging their client every time they meet or have a court case.

What are some tips you have for people looking for a personal injury lawyer?

Feeding The Deer at York’s Wild Kingdom

There was a fenced in area at York’s Wild Kingdom and the deer would come right up to you for food …

It was funny to watch as the deer followed Aj and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it …

I felt bad for some of these deer though for their backs looked slightly irritated from them coming under the fence to see visitors with food, sort of wish they had stayed inside of the fence to avoid hurting their backs. I would assume the zoo takes good care of these deer though.

Daughter Runs Over Brothers

We love to spend time in our backyard and there is this hill so the kids enjoy racing down the hill often or rolling down it which I often am found sharing on my YouTube Channel.

We have a few cars and bikes to race downhill with and as you can see the boys are racing buddies in the picture imaged above. This is their daily fun, where we say “ready set go” and the kids race downhill sometimes colliding. My sons are tough, they are the true stereotypical boys, tough and rough with little pain. The boys get hurt and get back up, although Baby K the two year old will sometimes cry a bit before he moves on from the pain or collision.

This is the power wheels jeep that all three children use to race down the hill with. Often it is not used like it should be, as the battery doesn’t hold a charge for long. This is a hand me down from my daughter’s father’s house, which we have been thankful for. My daughter is way too big for this Jeep but is often found riding it downhill and on this particular day she was riding this while my sons were in their coupe cars.

This was the day my daughter would call herself a horrible sister and say mean things about herself. I could not believe the things this girl was saying about herself. I felt so horrible that she would think this badly about herself over a simple accident.

The simple accident was that all three were racing down the hill, ready … set .. go and some how the Jeep steering did not work. Ki hit the coupe car and then Baby K because he was standing on the other side. My daughter ran right over her two year old brother, on accident. The two year old got up, cried for a moment and got back in his car ready to roll again. My daughter on the other hand felt bad but finally she did get up and start to race again.

I was inside cleaning up a cut on Baby K from a previous accident he had that had been re-opened with the collision when I hear the house door slam open and my daughter is at the kitchen with her head down crying hysterically and down talking herself.

My daughter ran over her four year old brother while I had only been inside for a couple moments. They were not alone outside so J did see what happened and again, it was an accident. Ki had run over both of her brothers and both did not care, both were more concerned with their sissy crying than the fact that she had ran them both over with a Power Wheels Jeep.

I had to giggle, I know, Bad Mom, but seriously … how many brothers and how many times can a girl run over in one day? It was slighly comical because no one was hurt in the process and it was an accident.

Needless to say all the kids had fun racing again, this was a harmless incident in which I had to remind my daughter that she is not to down talk about herself ever again because she is a totally awesome sissy who cares deeply for her brothers and clearly did not mean to run them over.

What happens with siblings in your house that you want to giggle about because it was funny but not funny all at once?


I Will Drive Your Car

My children are not ready for the teen driving days … yet … at only eight, four and two years of age I can tell you that my youngest informs me all the time that when he is bigger he will drive Mama’s car. I informed him that I won’t let him {of courseĀ  a possible fib} and he laughs with a reply stating that he knows I will let him drive my car when he is bigger.

I know one thing I am worried about is whether or not my children will practice safedriving when they become teen drivers. I was a decent teen driver but I am also a girl who had the same personality as my daughter. It seems like the first born child is born to lead, want approval and be successful. I see this with many children who are born first, but watch out for the middle child and the last born child, because they will not normally have the same personality as that of their first born sibling.

Once my children get closer to the teen driving years I will be sure to share with them tips on teen driving safety and be certain that I am open and honest with them about drinking and driving. I would like to think that my children will have a bond with me and a trust in themselves to not bow down to peer pressure and be safe behind the driving wheel of my vehicle or theirs.

I won’t worry too much until we get closer to those teen years, but it is a thought in my mind that some day my children will be drivers out on the road and let me tell you what, there are a lot of crazy drivers out there. I see them daily all over the road!

Do you have teen drivers? What has worked for you to ensure they are safe behind the wheel driving out in the world?

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