How Much I Love My Children

I Love my Children so Much That .. A Poem of a Mothers Love

I love my children so much that;

I allow them the distance to make mistakes.

I love my children so much that;

I teach them to accept not everyone will like them.

I love my children so much that;

I allow them an open forum to speak their opinions freely & openly.

I love my children so much that;

I grew to be the example I want them to live by.

I love my children so much that;

I encourage them to try  new things by overcoming any anxious feelings.

I love my children so much that;

I allow them to be who they are without judgement or attempting to mold them into who I am.

I love my children so much that;

I show appreciation for their good grades and other accomplishments with a big smile, happy dance and a hug.

I love my children so much that;

I’ve taught them to enjoy the simple things in life, rather than be needy of materialistic items.

I love my children so much that;

I give tough love when needed, even if it kills me to do so.

I love my children so much that;

I teach them we are a family unit and each will have their own responsibilities to ensure the household runs smoothly.

I love my children so much that;

I raise them in an old school mentality that doesn’t easily come as accepted in society as we know it today.

I love my children so much that;

I allow their thoughts, feelings and opinions to matter, all the while letting them know I am the adult who makes the final decisions.

I love my children so much that;

I show them that their Mama loves them no matter what, forever and always unconditionally.

My Children love me so much that;

They shower me in hugs, kisses and include me in their pretend play time because they  know I love them so much.


Becoming a Parent – Tough Love & Mistakes

I wrote yesterday about how I changed when I became a parent and today  I would like to write about how I am a strong believer in tough love and making mistakes.

Side Note: I would also love for you all to check out a post written yesterday by Sugar Jones called Good Mom, Bad Mom.

I am a big, huge fan of tough love and allowing your children to make mistakes. Now do not get me wrong, it breaks my heart to see my children pout, frown and yes even get hurt a little BUT the point behind this is that they will learn that life is not about always getting what you want nor is it about doing everything right. If you truly want to live and enjoy life to the fullest you have to make mistakes.

Making Mistakes

My oldest is a perfectionist to the max, and it drives me BONKERS. Not because she is so smart and so wonderful at EVERYTHING but because she is so worried about getting all the answer correct and drawing me the most perfect picture that she isn’t having “fun” with her life and school work. She is also what appears to be under a lot of stress for a six year old, she cries at the slightest incorrect answer or misspelled word. It’s so hard, I want to laugh at her, and say “are you really crying because you wrote Ciss instead of Kiss?” but I can’t laugh, this is a serious problem in her eyes, it’s a HUGE dilemma – I don’t get it, and must admit it seriously concerns me that she thrives to be so perfect. We are working on this, and I am slowly encouraging her to do her best, but do not worry if she colors out of the lines or doesn’t do something perfectly – because I love her art work no matter how many times she colors outside of the lines!

I actually encourage my children to make mistakes, to not always try to get all the answers right. I tell my children that if they get something wrong or mess something up – that means they get to learn something new that day.

As a parent, my view on mistakes has not changed. I have always believed that people must make mistakes in order to grow stronger and as a parent I enforce this belief daily.

Tough Love

In addition to allowing my children to learn from their mistakes, I am a huge fan of tough love, but must admit I do give in at times, again I am not a perfect Mom, I am ME and really that’s all I can be – is ME. I personally do not like to see a child screaming in the store but I hate it even more so when I see a child screaming because the parent said “no” to something and then, after the child threw a temper tantrum the parent gives in and says “yes”. Oh that bugs me worse than listening to their child scream.

I have been given the look so many times with my 2 year old son, who seems to finally have learned I mean what I say and that includes when I say you can’t have something in a store. I do not care how packed that store is, and I do not care how many other people are staring at me while my 2 year old is kicking and screaming because I said no. I don’t care, and I will allow AJ to continue to act that way while I give no attention and continue on shopping because eventually he realizes he is not going to get his way nor is he getting any attention from me acting in such a silly manner.

Tough love can be defined by many parents in many different ways, it all depends on what age our children are.

My perception on tough love changed when I became a parent, I used to think it was all about my parents making my life miserable and trying to be controlling, when in all reality it was about teaching me life and responsibility. Tough love is a unique way for parents to teach their children consistency, structure and love.

Q: How has your opinion on tough love and mistakes changed since becoming a parent? Please comment below.

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