Owning a Home Means More Responsibility of Pest Control

I remember when I was renting places that I was never really in charge of ensuring that pests stayed clear of my property, after all it is the landlords responsibility to pay for any pest control services. As a new home owner, pest control is something that we will be in charge of and responsible for should unwanted pests arrive on our doorstep. In our home, I am the one scared of moths and he is the one scared of spiders. It works out great, we laugh at each other over these things. I feel like the big bad woman when a spider happens upon our home and I have zero issues finding a way to get rid of it. He laughs when a bright green flying grasshopper comes into our home and I am screaming like a little girl over this pest. He picks it up and carries it outside, not before tossing it in front of my face to tease me just a little bit!

Pest Control Services

While picking up or stomping certain outdoor pests that get within the home make sense, heck even letting such pests go outside makes sense, there is a time when pests are not welcome within the home and can take over. When you have a pest problem, that is when you will no longer be happy with having a household member grab the pest and let it out or stomp it to it’s death, you will need to look into hiring a professional exterminator to ensure they get the job done.

An exterminator can assist in keeping pests gone for good. There are sprays and other services that these professionals can offer in the form of long term pest control to keep those creepy crawlers outside of your home and back into their home permanently. Some pests that come to mind when thinking of a reason to use a pest control professional are fleas, wasps, and ants. I know this is the season for ants and I cannot imagine having to keep those little buggers away, even now, we see them frequent our kitchen from time to time. Once pests become frequent unwanted visitors, that is the time to hire an exterminator for your pest control relief.

Before the Move … Getting Things Prepared for Moving Truck

I am amazed at how well we all worked together as a family unit, yes all seven of us, to get the truck packed up for the move. Granted my daughter wasn’t there for that first day of packing up the truck but she assisted before she went with her Dad. I was very impressed watching Miss Ki use a socket set to take apart her own bed frame so that we could pack it on the truck the next day.

Independent daughter (2)

Yes, my daughter takes right after her Mama in the independent woman department. I love that, while at her age hormones keep raging, she still does things to help around the house and shows her independent nature often. It was fun helping Ki packed up her bedroom but now we have her boxes full in new room while we wait to find a bunk bed setup as she is sharing a bedroom with Chey and they need more floor space. Their pull out twin bed and other twin bed takes up too much of their floor space in room.

Hopefully soon we can let the girls unpack their bedroom boxes and settle into their new room better, but for now they enjoy having their own space in our new family home!

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Why I Think it’s Bad News to Share your Blog Rates

I am a part of many communities that bloggers unite together in support of each other. In some of these communities, bloggers share opportunities for each other to make more money or to review fantastic products as well as host giveaways. While I am all for the blending of bloggers together in a supportive community, I think of blogging communities as that of a normal work environment. If I were working in an office outside of the home then my rate I get would not be something open for discussion and in most cases I could get fired for sharing my pay grade. Employers frown upon employees sharing their wage, why? Because it opens the doors to this “life isn’t fair” and “I deserve more because so and so got more” type of immature, hard feelings scenario. The same goes for blogging.

work from home momI have never had a blogger get all jealous and angry with me to my face about any time I have shared the rate I received on a specific job that didn’t hold me under a contracted non-disclosure. I am lucky that I take my contracts, whether verbally, written or just plain common sense, seriously. I know that one company who paid me may not have the same budget to pay everyone. That is the joys of this world of blogging, if you are within the first few to work with someone before the rest of the community has worked with them, then you get a larger rate {more often than not}, however, if you are further down on the list to contact, have less of a page rank, or may not be as suitable for the work, then your rate is going to be less.

I have been on both sides of the scenario where I got paid my full going rate because the client had a budget to work with still, while other times I have been close to last on the list and been offered way less than my normal going rate. While I won’t work for pennies on the dollar, I am willing to bend if that means building a relationship with a great company/brand. With that being said, I am not going to share my rates with anyone I do not 100% trust or know that they do not blog so won’t really cause an issue. The reason is: I do not want to be that person shown as an example in an angry email sent to some client about how they paid me more and are offering them crap for the same work.

I do not want to have my blogging reputation ruined and income to support my three kids ruined because someone felt citing my pay grade as an example to tell a firm that they feel as if they have been spat in the face or what not. I refuse to be someone’s excuse as to why they should be paid more. I do not think it is good work ethic to 1) share rates with others that you do not 100% fully trust and 2) reference another bloggers income they received for said work as a way to try to tell off a firm.

What do you think? Should bloggers really share their rates with other bloggers or do you agree, that the normal work ethic etiquette should be followed as if they were employees at a firm?

Sweet Deal – Free Massager

Sweet deal — Get a FREE Massager with Any Horizon Fitness Cardio Equipment Purchase! This just hit my inbox today and so I am passing on the fantastic news! It’s a great way to keep up with your 2013 fitness goals, I think!


I know I need some more sweet deals to hit my inbox so that I can have a fire lit under me to start working out daily again! My body is taking a huge toll from lack in workouts!

Have you been keeping up with fitness routines? Can you push me to do the same?

Yes I am affiliate with this company, so I may earn a small commission if you click to use this deal, however, I am sharing because I feel it’s a sweet deal to share.

Image courtesy of marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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