College Tuition Costs What?! Let CampusBookRentals Help Your Student

Last night as Lee and I sat watching an episode of Parenthood together, the topic of college tuition came up. $60,000 a year was the price for this Ivy League school in the show, I watched as Lee’s jaw just about dropped to the floor, apparently somebody hasn’t been up to par with just how expensive college is today and how much more it will cost by the time our children are there. That is why I love sharing sites like CampusBookRentals with you all, because no matter how much college tuition costs, it’s so worth getting your child the best education possible. The easiest way to save some cash on college costs would be to rent books, why pay full price costs for books you may only need one semester??


There are so many reasons why you should rent your college books from CampusBookRentals such as saving 40-90% off book store prices, free shipping both ways, you are allowed to highlight in the rental books, and the fact that will donate to Operation Smile for every book rented. One thing that tears at my heart strings is a company that gives back and this is a company that donates to Operation Smile every time someone rents a book. There are flexible rental options too, making renting textbooks just as easy as purchasing them but without the fear that they will devalue once your course is over.

As a parent to three children I know that I will be seeking out programs like this one, where my children can rent their textbooks for college because I will need to save money every chance I get. It’s funny, I keep thinking once the children are 18 they will fend for their own self but reality is if they choose to attend a college, I will still be financially supporting them in some ways.


Another fun fact about CampusBookrRentals is there new Rent Back option, this is where students may rent textbooks that they have to other students through the Rent Back program. This is a great way to allow students to make 2-4 times more money than they would trying to resell their textbooks from prior semesters and courses. I think this is a great way to allow students to make extra cash flow during the hardships of being a college student, maybe this could pay for their next meal, who knows!

As you can see CampusBookRentals is really a money saver in so many ways, so I think that you should look into this website if you are a parent who has a child in college or is getting to the point of planning for college. Really dive deep in to check them out as a whole and if you use their services please come back here to leave me a comment with some feedback on how it went for you. I would love to hear about your experiences with

Squam Lakes Science Center Field Trip #NH #science #nature

Last week I went on a field trip with my middle child’s class to Squam Lakes Science Center in Holderness, NH where we were able to walk on trails and learn a bit about the nature around us. We saw bears, river otters, foxes, a skunk, a mountain lion and much more.

Squam Lakes Science Center NH (2)

Each chaperone was given a group of children to “watch” and run the trails with, rather walk the trails with. I was with my son and four of his classmates alongside his teacher. Our group, as well as the other groups we ran into during the trip, were a well behaved group of children who were so inspired by what they were seeing and learning. That’s the key to places like Squam Lakes Science Center; they teach children by allowing them to have fun so they don’t even realize that they are learning.

Squam Lakes Science Center NH (3)

We spent the day at Squam Lakes Science Center and ended with a bagged lunch at their picnic table area before heading back home for the hour and a half bus ride.

Squam Lakes Science Center NH (1)

The day was so much fun and I am thankful that I was able to take part in being a chaperone for this fun field trip. I highly recommend taking your family to Squam Lakes Science Center if you can, because it was just such a fun time!

He is All Boy – Flashcards for those Raising Little Boys #raisingboys #learning

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I have two boys and one girl, or make that one girl then two boys as the girl is the eldest of my three kiddo tribe. This three kiddo tribe is full of fun and laughter but no laughter more than the day He Is All Boy Flashcards showed up for the boys birthday party! These flashcards are truly made for people like me raising a double team of boys who get a kick out of the sound of ketchup bottles making farting noises and blaming their gas on the dog. It’s a boys world around these parts most days, and even once in awhile my daughter gets in on the boy fun because who wouldn’t, these boys are addictive.

Hes all Boy Flashcards

Bear Booger. Cow Cry. Dinosaur DooDoo. What is more fun than learning letters and words through the imagination of a boy? My sons had a laugh of a time checking out these flash cards which will be perfect in my mission to teach my somewhat stubborn & difficult to work with five year old. As my five year old spends his second week in Kindergarten, he is much like his brother was – never wanting to show much interest in learning how to write nor read. The boys sister loved learning and by age 2 was speaking at levels far beyond that of a normal 2 year old. These He’s All Boy Flash Cards are a perfect addition to any family who has young boys with a vivid imagination.

hes all boy

Ice Insects. Okay so these flash cards are not for the weak stomach type, but they are for that fun loving parent of boy(s) who want to encourage a love of words and learn letters while giggling together. I love watching my five year old crack up at each flash card that shows a letter with two words and a cute image to go with the words. This creation by He’s All Boy is the best ever and I am happily referring you all over to check out He’s All Boy website.

Do not forget to connect with He’s all Boy on Facebook and Twitter too.

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Examination Grades on the Decline

Throughout education there is a large amount of pressure on students to perform, to reflect the things that they have learnt and to earn the grades that secure their futures and will look good on the establishment where they have undertaken their learning. Every year, students are subjected to examinations to test the knowledge they have gained throughout the educational year. It is important for students to listen, learn and revise in order for them to perform well during exams which will not only allow them to pass their courses and schooling but will eventually shape their futures.

The recent GCSE examinations have shown a significant drop in results with maths and science grades falling to an all time low. Students seem to be having great difficulty earning passable grades in these subjects, areas that have always been slightly more difficult than subjects such as English and History. They are core subjects and the fall in grades means the level of teaching and understanding is a concern.

The need for additional educational help is now more prominent than ever and the UK needs to take a leaf from the USA’s book and encourage its students to receive more help in certain areas in order to pass the subjects they have spent so long learning. America place a larger amount of emphasis on examinations and the need to pass, students is under more pressure but also have more opportunity for extra help. A math tutor in Fremont is one of the most commonly used sources of aid that helps American students to excel or simply pass the courses that plight their education and have a greater impact on graduation and acceptance into college courses.

The number of A* to C grades in the UK has fallen by 2% in comparison to the results achieved in 2012. One of the reasons behind this could be due to the increased specifications that the Science examinations call for, they are now far more challenging and students are expected to show a greater knowledge to simply pass the test. Maths have multiple entry systems which reduces the overall success of the subject as students no longer can excel in one mathematical area to weigh out the problems they may have with others. Instead, they are expected to have a reasonable understanding of each area in order to pass the subject as a whole.

A fall in results can have a negative impact on the school or college, if 40% of pupils do not achieve at least 5 GCSE’s, then educational bodies and inspectors such as Ofsted are called in to monitor and asses the school and the standard of education and learning that it offers.

The Government and educational bodies are now calling for reviews on the way students learn and the way examinations are structured to not only determine the reasoning behind the poor results but to ensure there is not a repeat of this issue in the future. Although exams are designed to test the knowledge of a student, they are not supposed to be designed to encourage students to fail, they need to be realistic and passable for some.

School Being Restored But Kids Still Learning

Salary Career and House Cards in LifeIt was a sad day when I learned that a water pipe had burst sending thousands of gallons of water through my two younger children’s school, leaving the old building of the school in shambles. The library was full of wet books, the office and the cafeteria where a few places in the school I had heard were full of water and showing signs of damage from the water pipe bursting. I literally cried. Yes, I am an emotional lady these days, but this is a school I went to as a child, the old part of my children’s building is the same place I went for first grade up through third grade. This is a great school, with amazing teachers and students!

Due to the school having to be restored, the kids have been out of school, a whole week of school is being missed due to the restoration and water damage. This made me sad too, for multiple reasons; the fact that so many students will be without education that week and my work schedule/routine will be in a funk while I have my two sons full time, minus a couple mornings when they go with their Dad.

Boys in Front of Plane

I am not the type of parent who is like “school is out, what the heck will we do”, I just realize how important it is to keep my kids moving forward in learning at all times. I am also aware that my boys are not the type to want to sit down and “play school”, so that is when my creative mind had it’s wheels in motion. The game of Life and even Monopoly is a family favorite and it uses math skills as well as counting skills. Both boys can use their piece or car to count how many spots they move on the board. My six year old enjoys being the banker in both Life and Monopoly, so he practices his math skills while enjoying a family board game day.

The boys enjoy books, so we practiced reading some of the easier level books I own, having story time and board game time seems like good ole family fun but the tricky part is that my boys were actually practicing their school skills to ensure when they go back to school next week that they did not lose all that their teachers work so hard to teach them!

What tricky ways do you teach your kids at home through play time?

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