Picture a Day – My Sons in a Collage

My sons spend a lot more time with me due to their Dad’s work schedule. You see, my daughter’s Dad doesn’t really work per say or whatever he does, I have no clue but it leaves him having more time with Ki which means I barely see her some times, she hates that. A girl needs her Mom at this stage in her world, but explaining that to a first time parent? Have fun … so here are pics of my boys during their times with their Mama and together… they have an amazing bond that I admire and enjoy watching grow day by day!


Sickies have Fallen Upon the Household

My six year old has been sick for a few days now, he seems fine at end of day but during day he has horrible sickies. A tummy ache and when he got to school yesterday he threw up so he is home and it’s been a change for sure.

Yesterday was my one day a week I can work all day but Mom duties called me so while the boy stayed with his Dad for the morning hours I worked my butt off, have to pay them bills. Then afternoon hours he napped so I worked in office around getting any needs he may need with his sickies completed.

Now, I am feeling worn down. A little bit of off feeling in my chest. Breathing is somewhat difficult and I feel exhausted, but I have also been working myself to the bone. Dad warned me to take it easy but easier said than done with you are in your slow month of work being self employed and have bills to pay ….

Hopefully everyone gets better quickly around here because I hate to see my babies sick.

Sometimes Wednesday Late Afternoons Suck

Now I am a positive person and I have semi-thick skin when it comes to my kids and the things they do or say, however, on Wednesday when my four year old spends the morning with his Dad then goes to pre-k in the afternoons, I sometimes schedule work and meetings as it’s the only full day I get each week to put forth towards work.

Working from home takes a lot of motivation, dedication and you have to give n take. That means, as much as I would love to be there when the K-man is dropped off to pre-K sometimes on Wednesdays I can’t be. Work has to be a priority as much as motherhood in my world. Therefore, Wednesdays sometimes suck and K-man is great at making it suck a tiny bit more.

When I go to the school on Wednesdays or any other day that K-man is having a rough time with whatever may be going on inside of his head, he takes it out on me and his siblings. So when I went to school to grab the K-man today after missing him all day long, he cops an attitude. Gets out of the school. Throws backpack at me. Takes off coat and proceeds to refuse to put coat back on. Whines. Yells. Kicks. Hits. Just totally not himself and appears to be an awfully ill behaved kid.

Then as I am trying to get him to walk to the car, throws himself on ground says he can’t walk and refuses to walk, has to be carried to the car screaming and kicking, all the while I am sure many people were starting at my child making a scene. The kid screamed, kicked and fought some more over getting into the car and buckling up. Before I even left the school road, I was near tears. I felt the tears coming. Welling up in my eyes and I just simply refused to let them take over my eyes.

I just wanted to cry, and be sad, but instead, I decided to talk to K-man and figure out what the heck his issue was. I know my kid and I knew he was mad about something, it was just a matter of deciphering a four year old’s mind. The route of his issue seems to stem from 1) he says Daddy didn’t play with him today and 2) he was sad he didn’t get to hug me before school. Meaning he was sad that he didn’t get enough attention {in his opinion} and that Mama wasn’t there for pre-k drop off to hug him.

Now, I am faced with a tough decision. Do I give up that Wednesday full day of working to take the half hour to go down and make sure I am there for drop off, thus interrupting any lunch plans I may have for continued client work or do I just make him understand Mommy needs to work and as much as I wanted to be there to hug him, sometimes I can not be, which is why I give him a great big bear hug in the morning when I drop him to Daddy’s.

I am torn, why? Because he is my “baby” and of course he knows this. I explained why I wasn’t there, and had told him I wouldn’t be when I dropped him at his Dads but he is four and apparently wants what he wants. Guess that’s normal…. how would you all handle this?

A Visit with the Dad During Sheila’s Visit

Sheila and I went to visit my Dad on my birthday, he wasn’t there right when we arrived so she was able to bear witness to those who frequent the farm. It was a good time, happy that someone besides me was able to witness just how friendly the farm is. Always welcoming, no matter who you were and where you are from.

Sheila was joking with me about how she needs me to write down my family tree because when it comes to that side of my family, I call almost everyone uncle, even those not blood related. After all, family is family – and it doesn’t mean you have to have family blood running in your veins.

Most of those who are around the farm house have been coming there since before I was born and are truly family to me. They treat me like family and they will forever be my uncles, even if they are not my blood related uncles. That’s just how we roll.

It was a great time ending with us watching this crazy rooster trying to find his roost for the evening. I had to capture a picture while my Dad was sharing these hilarious stories of a rooster that lays eggs and we told Sheila a little bit about the killer turkey Dad had once brought home. It seems the family farm always ends up with some interesting animals hanging around. They currently have a disappearing hen and that was a cute story! Goes to show females do what they want, when they want because we are the queens – even in chicken world.  Haha!

Happy Birthday To My Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday and ever since I turned 30 in October he realized that this day was coming when he would turn 50 years old. I love him dearly and think he will forever be a big kid. Today is my Dad’s special day and I hope everyone wishes him a Happy Birthday!

An Older Pic of Dad & Me

There is this one quote that always reminds me of my father and today I will share that with you all:

He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

Happy birthday to the man who let me live life the way I needed to in order to get where I am today and for living his own life, which in turn still encourages me to live each day to the fullest! <3

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