How Do I Export Saved Passwords in Firefox?

My computer hardware decided to die on me over the weekend, RIP my sweet computer.  Although it was able to be rebuilt in no time due to the computer dude residing with me who is also known as my sons’ father.  The computer didn’t actually “die” per say, I was still able to get online and do things from my computer but after a little while the networking card was not being seen by the computer, which meant, no Internet nor network access.

Thankfully I was prepping my computer for a reformat when all of the parts inside of my beautiful computer case decided to go on vacation. The only thing I was uncertain of while working to get my files, pictures and such transferred to our server was how do I export saved passwords in FireFox? This is one thing I always lose during a reformat, saved passwords.  I refused to go through losing my passwords yet again and knew there had to be a solution.

As with most everything in FireFox, I knew there must be an add-on I could use to save my passwords from being lost in thin air during the rebuild and reformat of my computer. I searched online to find the Password Exporter add-on for Firefox and let me tell you what, this is an easy add-on to use if you are looking to save your passwords or transfer passwords from one computer to the next using your home or office network.

Simply install the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox, you probably will be prompted to restart FireFox so that the add-on is available. From there go to Tools –> Options –> Security. You will now see under the saved passwords area in this tab an option to import/export passwords. Click the button to export passwords, but remember to save the file as .csv file so that you may open it in Excel or notepad documents. Then click to export passwords. A file will be saved on your computer, my advice is to save this file somewhere on your secure home network prior to reformatting a computer or trying to transfer it to another computer.

Once you are ready to access the saved passwords again, simply use the Password Exporter add-on in FireFox and use the import option. It’s a couple of clicks and you never have to worry about losing a password again. I would recommend keeping a back up of your passwords every so often on a secure server just in case the unthinkable happens and your computer crashes before you can export the passwords safely.


And They met in Yahoo Chat

Richard and Dianne met in Yahoo Chats, about 14 years ago before online dating was the “in thing”. After being divorced a little over a year Dianne hopped on her new at home computer and logged into Yahoo Chat Groups.  Dianne came across Richard, after chatting and emailing for a couple of months they decided to exchange pictures.  Their first date followed a couple of months later.

Dianne chose a place to meet and even gave her family & friends Richard’s phone number, picture and email should anything happen to her when she went to meet this man from the Internet.  The meeting went well and no family nor friends had to report Dianne missing, Richard and Dianne married 18 months later and well are going on nearly 13 years together now!

Yahoo Chat Groups seemed to help Dianne spread her wings a bit, so to speak, Richard is a bit of a techie type person which means Dianne would have never met him in real life. The Internet opened a door to allow Dianne to get to know a different kind of person than she would have met locally on an average day. The Internet allowed Dianne and Richard to communicate, get to know each other, then exchange pictures and meet so that they are now the happiest couple celebrating many years together and looking forward to many more.

When asked, Dianne reports that Richards is very romantic and here are a couple of examples she shared with me:

On my 36th birthday when we were still dating I arrived to his house to a huge present.  As I opened it, it revealed 36 individually wrapped presents – one for each year.  Some were treasures, some comical, just little things that were important to either me or the both of us.

On my 50th birthday, Richard took me on a surprise trip to Southern California.  Each day of the trip had a different reveal.  We started in Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Then he surprised me by taking me to my favorite Broadway show – “Les Miserables” in downtown LA.  He has taken me to see if numerous times and this one with our seats on the 7th row was so special.  All the Angelenos could not believe we were there from Oklahoma just to see “Les Mis!”  Then we ended up at the over the top Fairmont Hotel right on Santa Monica beach to enjoy a couple of days in the California sunshine.  I absolutely love the beach and this was an amazing treat!

Dianne and Richard blended their family together nearly thirteen years ago and they have what I would consider real love for each other. A marriage based on a deep connection of two people who truly care, love and cherish each other. 

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